Business Transformation Analytics Services

Proven. Cost Effective. Proactive.

Bell Techlogix has the capability to bring organizations to an advanced maturity level with analytics by providing them with our new service offering called, Business Transformation Analytics Services.

Whether you are new to digital transformation or a seasoned veteran embracing digital transformation methodologies, the analytics suite brings proven cost savings and productivity to organizations.  Results establish opportunities to improve, target challenge areas, raise the bar for optimization and drive forecasting and predictability to achieve the ultimate direction with automation intelligence and business maturity.

 “Data is a key business asset and analytics is revolutionizing the way organizations operate. There would be limited progress in digital workplace without analytic advancements driven by targeted business objectives, and a focus on an “Automate First Strategy,” says Brenda Lichtenberg, SVP Strategy and Portfolio for Bell Techlogix.

There are four CORE areas where our analysis targeted over a million dollars in savings and automation for multiple clients that focused on Shift Best Analytics, Contact Reduction, CSAT Analytics and MTTR Analytics.


“Leveraging proven subject matter expertise, Six Sigma Lean and implementing best-in-class analytics, reporting and governance approaches using state of the art tools, intelligent algorithms and correlations is the key to success. This is why we are seeing an increased demand and need for professional analysis of client data to deliver a more effective, productive and proactive operations,” says J.K Sureshbabu, Director of Service Excellence Analytics and Enterprise Reporting.

In addition, there are seven KEY add-on analytics offerings that will provide your company with REAL business transformation and cost-saving areas:  Process Optimization, Cost Optimization, Six Sigma Projects, Service Desk & Field, Services Benchmarking, Volume & Metric Forecasting, Sentiment Analytics and Persona Analytics.

Process Optimization

Projects focused on improving support processes using lean methodologies to identify opportunities to reduce time, automate repeatable steps and improve end user experience.

Cost Optimization

Analytics around all cost and revenue drivers to identify opportunities for cost reduction, support optimization & bottom line improvement including benchmarks on Cost Metrics to identify target areas for cost reduction.

Six Sigma Projects

DMAIC Projects for Targeted Metric Improvement across resolvers, locations etc. Includes Project Management for Action & Progress Tracking. Executed by Six Sigma Black Belt Certified Analysts using best-in-class analytics tools and processes.

SD & Field Benchmarking

Performance Benchmarking across similar industry types, regions on industry-relevant KPIs and Metrics. Includes Recommendations on Best Practices and benchmarks from Gartner, HDI etc. by leveraging Bell Techlogix Data and Subject Matter Expertise across multiple clients.

Volume & Metric Forecasting

Volume & KPI/SLA Forecasting across all IT Support Units using advanced data mining, statistical inferences and predictive analytics methodologies like Time-Series Forecasting, ARIMA, Logistic Regression etc.

Sentiment Analytics

Periodic Analysis of End User Feedback, Stakeholder Survey Comments using natural language processing, text analysis & computational linguistics to systematically identify, extract, quantify, and study end-user perception.

Persona Analytics

Analytics of Metrics against End-User Demographics to identify opportunities for Personalized IT Support, Service and Improvement and User Preference Management using advanced data co-relation and regression models.

To achieve these results, it is a combination of finding the challenge areas and inefficiencies and driving a proven governance methodology that will track expected results, timelines and return on investments. Every area and initiative are monitored, adjusted as needed, and driven to achieve expected results.

Our solution provides increased visibility and transparency into the client’s entire eco-system through monthly and quarterly reporting as well as our SmartInsights Executive Views and Advanced Operational Dashboards that enable organizations to be proactive as they make informed decisions in real-time.

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