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The next generation of professionals, users and students in educational institutions are often leading the way when it comes to innovative use of technology.

Students are coming in to schools with more and more advanced technology and mobile devices and educational institutions need to have the infrastructure and programs in place to address this technology. While we have helped institutions with technology and educational computer software acquisition for decades, we have evolved to become much, much more.

We work with specific institutions, districts and even state-wide DOE initiatives to help craft technology programs that fit varying sized budgets, offer multiple software licensing types, digital curriculum, LMS and administration system strategies for optimal procurement, implementation and support.

More and more school infrastructure, capacity and mobile device utilization are at the forefront of major initiatives. We provide a holistic solution for educators working with an ecosystem of partners to create the next generation learning environment, whether it's through Microsoft licensing help, or another type of academic licensing implementation.

Our Technology Experience Center allows us to provide a safe place for educators to assess, compare and test the new devices that the students are bringing to the classroom and to see how they can work together to deliver content and educational computer software through those devices in a much more effective manner. In today’s education space, 24x7xAlways Wi-Fi infrastructure with comprehensive mobile device strategies are critical to success.

Academic Software Licensing

Understanding licensing needs is complex and requires experts with the experience and expertise to analyze your current and future requirements and map them to the available software programs of the suppliers.

Our Software Licensing Specialists work with education organizations to determine which academic licensing program or set of programs best serves their needs, and then partners with the organization to deliver excellent service to their internal constituents for the life of the programs.

We work closely with the Microsoft Education Team on advisory boards and through new program initiatives to consistently bring value to software licensing programs for the education community. In fact, Microsoft has named Bell Techlogix one of only two Academic specific Licensing Solution Partners (LSP) in the United States.

Bell Techlogix's academic software licensing expertise includes:

We can help you:

  • Track and manage existing software assets
  • Provide consulting and recommendations on existing programs
  • Reduce expenses by implementing the most cost effective solutions
  • Ensure compliance and reduce the risk of penalties
  • Allow school resources to focus on core education initiatives

Our clients have improved the academic experience for their faculty, administration and students. Through our innovative technology solutions faculty can work more efficiently, students can enjoy better access to resources and educational computer software, administrators can stay connected with staff and families can keep in touch with educators and the curriculum. Whether you need Microsoft licensing help, or another type of technology acquisition assistance, Bell Techlogix can help you with all software licensing types, and we can get your institution set up for continued and future success.

Technology Acquisition

Acquiring the wrong release, buying from disparate sources, purchasing non-approved equipment and paying non-competitive rates are all real life examples of adding cost and risk to your procurement process.

A smart technology procurement strategy goes far beyond simply acquiring products at the lowest cost. It balances cost and risk by ensuring flexibility in technology acquisition methods, process controls, tracking, reporting and speed of delivery.

Our education clients are able to leverage our provisioning services in the manner that best fits their preferences and business processes; either through a direct relationship with our outside sales team, through our experienced inside sales team, or utilizing our flexible procurement tool.  For further inquiries, contact us.

We can help you:

  • Reduce procurement times
  • Easily and securely acquire IT products
  • Consolidate and leverage suppliers
  • Increase procurement controls and processes
  • Improve planning and budgeting for capital expenditures


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  • Professional Services

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