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The manufacturing industry is in a pivotal state of evolution. Today there are constant disruptions from geopolitical forces, complex Industry 4.0 initiatives, pressures to converge OT and IT environments, while at the same time, customers’ needs are perpetually changing. Finding ways to incorporate stability & consistency into your dynamic manufacturing ecosystem is paramount.

Bell Techlogix simplifies IT support for manufacturing

At Bell Techlogix, we deliver integrated services to our clients designed to standardize and optimize IT operations across your manufacturing plant operations as well as your corporate environment. We focus on streamlining your infrastructure to deliver the highest quality support while continuously reducing costs. Everything we offer in support of our manufacturing clients is done with an embedded security focus and clear understanding of your compliance requirement.

Cost Control

Customized solutions to across your plant operation and corporate infrastructure to improve productivity and reduce costs.

Talent to Transform

As legacy manufacturing technology sunsets, it is important to keep an eye on the horizon on transformational opportunities to manufacture smarter. Whether is it Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT) or Robotics we have the talent to incorporate these types of transformations into your strategic plan.

Compliance Focused Delivery

Certified services to keep you compliant with industry regulations and controls.

Transparency Across IT Ecosystem

Incorporating constant monitoring, visibility, and analytics across the manufacturing ecosystem to enable smart decisions in a timely manner.


Plant Infrastructure Standardization

To maximize efficiency, it is important to not only have the right software and cloud solutions but adequate training and processes. Bell Techlogix delivers customized technology solutions to automate tasks, track production, and modernize applications using:

  • Hardware & Software discovery
  • Network Assessment
  • Lab Inventory Management System 
  • Asset Management Services

Streamlined Operations

Modern manufacturing demands seamless coordination utilizing the best tools to get the job done. Bell Techlogix tools and services enables your organization to operate at optimal levels, improve scalability and stay within budget with the latest cloud solutions, automation tools, and analytics including:

  • Process Services:
    • Knowledge Management with Manufacturing Domain Experience
    • SIAM – Service Integration with your current other suppliers, including manufacturing application software vendors
    • MIM for Manufacturing – Major Incident Management for your Business Critical infrastructure to minimize downtime on your line
    • ServiceNow – We can stand up your own instance or leverage the Bell Techlogix domain-separated instance for both ITSM process management as well as standing up and maintaining the maturity of your CMDB
  • Digital End User Services
    • Field Services – Ability to provide on-site support, cleared if necessary, to provide hands-on support, or leverage our Technology Vending Machines and Tech Lockers to distribute/swap equipment to your employees 24x7
    • Mobility – We support both BYOD and corporate-liable mobile devices, including ruggedized devices that are in use by manufacturing workers
    • End-user Experience Monitoring – Leverage modern Digital Experience platforms like Aeternity or Systrack to proactively monitor end user devices
    • End-user Security – Proactive device patching and monitoring to ensure security
  • Critical Infrastructure Support
    • Infrastructure and Endpoint Transformation
    • Infrastructure Transformation

Compliance Management

Bell Techlogix has the resources and expertise to help you reduce risks and keep your enterprise compliant. Our resources include:

  • CUI
  • Secure Containers 
  • Holistic support & understanding:
    • CMMC
    • Fed Ramp
    • FAR/DFAR
    • NIST
    • Critical Infrastructure
  • Data Classification 
  • Access/control of data

Advanced Security

Bell Techlogix offers a full suite of service for 24/7 monitoring, management and support to protect your data and reduce cybersecurity threats:

  • SOC (Management of Incidents) (SIEM/Tiger Team)
  • Intrusion Detection Monitoring
  • XDR
  • Vulnerability Management & Remediation


Plant Standardization

Deliver customized technology solutions to automate tasks, track production, and modernize applications.  

Streamlined Operations

Operate at optimal levels and within budget with the latest cloud solutions, automation tools, and analytics.  

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Government Compliance

Proactive, expert strategy to reduce risks and keep your enterprise compliant. 

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  • CUI
  • Secure, containers 
  • Holistic support & understanding:
    • CMMC
    • Fedramp
    • FAR/DFAR
    • NIST
    • Critical infrastructure
  • Data classification 
  • access/control of data


24/7 monitoring, management and support  to protect your data and reduce cybersecurity threats. 

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  • SOC (management of incidents) (SIEM/Tiger Team)
  • intrusion detection monitoring
  • XDR
  • Vulnerability management & remediation
  • Partners will help with everything

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Gartner Forecast: Cloud Managed Services, Worldwide


By 2025, 90% of large organizations with legacy applications in the cloud will use external service providers for some portion of management and support.


By 2025, 25% of large organizations in mature economies will engage with managed service providers (MSPs) for ongoing support of cloud-based strategic digital technology transformation.


In mature economies, 60% of large organizations will engage with MSPs for cloud-native architecture and operations by 2025.

What Our Clients Say

“The Bell Techlogix team has been extremely engaged with the Calgon Carbon team at all levels throughout this engagement. We are happy to have found a partner that not only meets our complex IT and security needs but also aligns with our cultural values of constant innovation, service excellence, integrity, and effective collaboration.”

Tim Drook, Calgon Carbon’s Global Head of Information Technology

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