In an era where the retail business requirements continue to flux, you need to ensure you can meet your clients’ most basic requirements and engage your customers to drive new business and innovation. The question becomes how can you use technology to improve your business process and ensure customer loyalty while making sure to address emerging security threats and data protection? Retail CIOs need to focus on simple, repeatable processes that have a high level of availability and can be easily monitored and supported remotely.

Bell Techlogix is proud to work with leading retail clients and provide them with solutions for their HQ sites, sales offices and manufacturing/distribution locations, as well as the critical multi-site, in-store requirements. For example through our service desk offering our agents understand the mission criticality of each storefront/franchise and is equipped to react appropriately. When a single store is unable to process orders, that customer may walk out and go to a competitor making uptime a vital necessity. The Bell Techlogix team is experts at troubleshooting Point of Sale systems and devices of all kinds, both traditional and mobile – from the hardware and network connectivity to connections with in store hardware, such as back office servers, printers, or other peripherals. We work directly with our customers POS vendors to capture the right knowledge to go beyond basic triage to create scripts for the resolution of issues with ghost checks or correcting orders, as well as access control and password reset assistance.

Additionally, Bell Techlogix’s Infrastructure Management practice has experience providing support to monitor retail back office servers and store network connectivity, and can provide coordination and assist an ISP with troubleshooting a broader network interruption. We also perform assessments and rollout projects to assist stores with Wireless Access Point placement to enable mobile point of sale devices. In addition, our mobility practice can also assist with the provisioning, repair and ongoing management of those mobile devices.

More and more of our retail customers are looking to cloud based services to provide either a cloud based point of sale system, or cloud based office tools, such as messaging and file sharing. We have experience in providing assessment and ongoing management of cloud based infrastructure, assisting in cost control and maximizing an existing investment in cloud based services. With our Cloud Manager platform we are able to set up a store based template and facilitate franchise or store expansion by streamlining the provisioning of back office services.

These cost conscious, highly optimized clients are always seeking an improved and differentiated approach for the consumer’s experience with their products and services.

Bell Techlogix crafts retail solutions for flexible technology infrastructure, VIP user treatment and full mobile/cloud enablement, including in store technologies and point-of-sale systems support, that deliver tangible economic benefits, competitive advantages and world class end user experiences.


We’ve provided managed services and solutions to:

  • Global 500 Enterprises
  • Domestic Mid-Market Companies
  • Academic Institutions
  • Healthcare Organizations
  • Retailers
  • Financial Services Firms
  • High Tech Companies
  • Manufacturers & Distributors
  • Professional Services