Asset Refresh & Disposal


Asset Lifecycle Refresh and Disposal Management

Bell Techlogix’s objective is to enhance the entire end-user experience by managing the complete lifecycle of IT assets, including asset refresh services and efficient disposal of out-of-date technology.

With experience working with small, midsize, and Fortune 500 companies, as well as educational institutes of all sizes, we have become a virtual expert in State and Federal guidelines in relation to EPA compliance.

At Bell Techlogix, we focus on the entire lifecycle of IT assets, seeing them through from their original deployment, to removal and disposal of assets that have become less than beneficial in their environment.

More than just asset retirement, we provide programs to remarket and dispose of assets, all of which ensure the removal of proprietary information in order to protect the privacy and security of individual enterprises.

Our goal is to be economically and environmentally responsible, all while protecting the security you and your clients value.

Management of All Types of Technology

No matter the type of technology base your enterprise is utilizing, we have the ability to design a custom Asset Refresh and Disposal plan tailored to your needs and your budget.

We also offer Certified Apple Technicians for those enterprises or educational institutes that operate with Apple technology. Our specialized Apple Lifecycle Services offers a certified expertise in the installation, management and disposal of Apple technology for your facility.

Thorough and Complete Lifecycle Processes

With us at the forefront of your Refresh and Disposal process, you can trust your information will be well protected and the disposal of your assets will be seen through to the end.

When you partner with Bell Techlogix, you can expect:

  • A customized Asset Refresh and Disposal plan, unique to your enterprise
  • Adherence to all your internal policies and procedures
  • The tracking and management of all IT assets from their inception to retirement
  • Implementation of warranties, repairs and asset reconditioning programs
  • The secure destruction of all proprietary information residing on the assets
  • Monitoring of regulatory activity and recommendations for required actions and responses

What an Asset Retirement and Disposal Process Looks Like

When your enterprise is ready to retire technological assets, we will step in and manage all of the following:

  • The collection of assets from your enterprise or school
  • Performance of triage on computers to diagnose problems
  • Decisions about condition and the potential for refurbishment, remarketing or disposal
  • Information for inventory updates
  • Analysis of in-warranty vs out-of-warranty machines
  • Cleaning and restoration of operating systems images in order to remarket
  • Provision of certificates for the destruction of end-of-lifecycle assets
  • Preparation of assets for shipping to proper recycling or disposal facility, including the Apple Recycling and Disposal Services program

The Right Time to Think about Asset Refresh and Disposal Services

If you have rooms or storage facilities filled with old computers or devices, or even if you have multiple assets that are no longer in use, we can help you determine what to do with those devices and how to dispose of them properly.

Many people avoid disposing of assets because they don’t know how, or because they don’t have the time. Bell Techlogix can handle disposal, as well as the management of warranties, assessment of remaining value of assets and compliance with your state’s Green Initiatives.


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