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Our Managed Workplace Services are focused on enabling your Digital Transformation and delighting your end users.


As an IT Managed Services company, our goal is to enhance the end user experience, while providing companies with streamlined, efficient and comprehensive Service Desk support. Through the years, the Service Desk requirements and approach has evolved and Bell Techlogix has been there every step of the way.

Over the years, the Service Desk solution has evolved from an on-site labor-centric approach tailored specifically to that of the individual company’s needs, to a largely off-shore, outsourced solution for support with cost to serve as the leading driver.

While there were benefits to both solutions, the on-site solution was difficult to cost-effectively maintain and scale, and communications, cultural barriers and time zone differences often presented problems with the offshore approach.

The Bell Techlogix Service Desk

As business demand for the service desk keeps evolving, Bell Techlogix innovatively engineered an automated service desk offering that offers solutions for every IT Service Management and Support need.

Fully onshore in the U.S., our offering is a Heartland Labor Arbitrage model that features cost effective, 24x7xAlways multi-lingual services to fit the diversified needs of organizations of all size, scale and marketplaces; no matter what time of day or night, Bell Techlogix is always available.

With our automated service desk in place you will save time and energy that is normally wasted on IT complications, therefore driving cost optimization and creating a more efficient work environment.

We can help you:

  • Reduce call volumes and directly impact TCO
  • Improve resolution rates and enhance productivity
  • Control service desk costs by offering flexible long-term solutions
  • Leverage leading support tools to drive operational efficiency
  • Address multi-language support challenges
  • Expand and contract to support key growth or expansion
  • Enhance the end-user experience

In short, we offer the very best end-to-end solution for service desk. We focus on the right level of automation and specific needs of both the end users and the IT organization to optimize cost, quality and continuous service improvement.

And critically, these services can be combined with other Bell Techlogix offerings to deliver a completely managed solutions portfolio featuring the highest possible value for our clients.

Businesses that partner with Bell Techlogix can almost completely outsource their IT needs. This saves money while improving the organization's potential performance.


BellLogo We've provided managed services and solutions to:
  • Global 500 Enterprises
  • Domestic Mid-Market Companies
  • Academic Institutions
  • Healthcare Organizations
  • Retailers
  • Financial Services Firms
  • High Tech Companies
  • Manufacturers & Distributors
  • Professional Services

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