WATCH: Bell Techlogix named a Rising Star by ISG

Bell Techlogix was recently named a Rising Star by Information Services Group (ISG) for its digital workplace services strategy. ISG, a leading global technology research and advisory firm, evaluated Bell Techlogix for its 2021 ISG Provider Lens™ Future of Work – Services and Solutions Report. Bell Techlogix was recognized as a Rising Star for in the Managed Digital Workplace Services – Mid-Market Quadrant. ISG defines Rising Stars as organizations with “promising portfolios or the market experience to become a Leader, including the required roadmap and adequate focus on key market trends and customer requirements.” In our latest episode of ALL.IT, Rebecca Bormann, Managing Director of Sales and Services and Jack Mansfield, Vice President of Digital Workplace Strategy, discuss the Rising Star designation for Bell Techlogix. 

Rebecca: Hello. Welcome to Bell Techlogix All I.T. We're here today to talk about the ISG Provider Lens™ report. I'm Rebecca Bormann. I'm the Managing Director of Sales and Services. And with me today is...
Jack: My name is Jack Mansfield. I'm the Vice President of Digital Workplace Strategy.
Rebecca:We're excited to be here.
Rebecca: OK, so ISG and their Provider Lens™ does several different kinds of analysis and reports, right? And one of them I know is in the mid-market and Bell Techlogix is named as the Rising Star.
Jack: Yeah, that's right. You know, and we're really excited. You know, when ISG did their Provider Lens™, they recognized that CIOs and different organizations have different priorities and for the United States and North America, they broke the report into three different segments. One is for the mid-market, which they define as 5,000 users and below. So any organization with, you know, 500, 1,000, 2,000, etc., you know, would fall into this category. And you know, of all of the people that they evaluated, they named Bell Techlogix as the as the Rising Star -- the only one. And the rationale behind that was we are able to bring the same process maturity and act as agents of transformation for these mid-market organizations.
Jack: A lot of our customers, and ISG really recognized this, a lot of our customers are in that growth mode where they've had, you know, they've had a small IT department and their business is doing so well, whether it's through acquisition or organic growth, that they need more and more. And the way that they did things two years ago isn't going to work for their new business, right? And so we're able to bring that process maturity that we've, you know, we've cut our teeth on with large enterprise and with some of these other businesses and bring that and have a playbook through our transition that we layer on top and help them move their business forwardThe fact that we're helping them get that process maturity is really what what made ISG call us a Rising Star.

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