WATCH: Bell Techlogix recognized by global technology research firm ISG

Bell Techlogix is among an elite group of 39 U.S. managed services providers featured in the 2021 ISG Provider LensTM Future of Work – Services and Solutions Report. Our newest episode of ALL.IT. features Jack W. Mansfield, Vice President of Digital Workplace Strategy, and Rebecca Bormann, Managing Director, Sales and Services. They provide insights into the report and how Bell Techlogix is ranked. Watch the episode or read the transcript below:


Rebecca: Hello. Welcome to Bell Techlogix All I.T. We're here today to talk about the ISG Provider Lens™ report. I'm Rebecca Bormann. I'm the Managing Director of Sales and Services. And with me today is...
Jack: My name is Jack Mansfield. I'm the Vice President of Digital Workplace Strategy.
Rebecca: We're excited to be here.
Rebecca: So Bell Techlogix has some exciting news to share. And we are being recognized by ISG through their Provider Lens™. Can you tell us a little bit more, Jack, about what that means?
Jack: Sure. Absolutely. So ISG has a long history of being one of the most successful third-party advisory firms for a lot of different organizations with respect to IT purchasing, whether that's hardware or software or services, many Fortune 500 and other organizations use ISG to go through the process of figuring out who do they want to buy from. Now on the back end, The ISG experts have their research to figure out who is the best of the best and what do they excel at.
They package all of that research that they use for that purchasing decision into a report that they call their Provider Lens™. It allows their advisors as well as their customers, to have a lens into the service providers that are out there and understand exactly what are the strengths and the cautions of the different organizations. And they have different provider lenses for the workplace or for software, purchasing, and different things like that. We're being featured in their Provider Lens™ for the future of work or our Digital Workplace Services.
This is connected to Bell Techlogix Service Desk, Field Service, Asset Management, Workstation Engineering practices, and all the success that we've had with our customers over the past several years in that area.
Rebecca: So exciting. Can you tell us a little bit? So, this is similar to the Gartner Magic Quadrant, and maybe if ISG evaluates on similar or different things?
Jack: That's a great question. There are several research bodies out there, right? Whether it's Gartner with their Magic Quadrant, the Forrester Wave or ISG Provider Lens™. ISG's focus is really on both the technical capability, the process maturity as well as the scale of the organization. And if you look at the charts that you'll see in the press release, where Bell Techlogix really had high marks were around our process maturity and our strategic vision, you know, the fact that we are able to bring that IT service management expertise, the fact that we have the underlying processes that are as good, if not better than some of our larger competitors really excited to see the names of who we're hanging with.
You know, a lot of great organizations out there that are bigger than us -- for now.
Rebecca: Yeah, right, right.
Jack: But you know, the fact that we have the same level of acumen and the same level of expertise.
Read more about Bell Techlogix recognition in the 2021 ISG Provider Lens™ report.






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