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Innovative ways to use virtualization are improving today’s IT environments.

Creating a virtual desktop infrastructure allows you to use a centralized desktop image for different classes of users, providing a very consistent, controlled environment for your staff regardless of their location or equipment.

Virtual Desktop allows you:

  • To make use of an existing computer base with little regard for the age
  • To have complete control over available applications without the worry of maintaining hardware and desktop image on each and every PC
  • To reset to standard desktop in seconds thus diffusing any data, viruses, malware or intentional mischief left over from a previous user
  • To take the effort used to build a single standard company computer and deploy that to hundreds of desktops in hours instead of months, and by doing so reducing the cost and increasing speed of delivery.
  • To deliver new or remove old applications in seconds instead of weeks. To even be able to leave the older versions of an application available alongside the newer version.
  • To place workstation desktops into the controlled environment of the data center, protecting critical data and infrastructure as a result
  • To put parameters in place for web search, download, application installation and more and by doing to protect not only the user desktop but eliminate the threat of device based viruses attacking company data

Our Virtual Desktop Support service makes new software installation quick and easy because it is all done from the main data center alleviating the need to visit each and every one of the desktops for software updates.

There is also no need to back up every desktop across slow home or branch connections. Virtualization allows for these back-ups to occur from the centralized location. Employees can be allowed to use the old version of the software left on the base computers until they are comfortable with the new version. The need to buy the newest, most up-to-date hardware for every computer station is virtually eliminated.

Thin Clients

Thin clients allow you to maintain desktop computing services with a higher level of security and convenience. They generally have no local storage and can be set to not accept local storage devices, such as USB keys. So the device reducing the risk of data theft and of foreign data being introduced into your systems. They also reduce the troubleshooting process to a simple replacement of a device.

Virtual Desktop Services Supported

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
    • VMware Horizons View
    • Citrix XenApp
  • VMware ThinApp
  • VMware App Volumes
  • Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager


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