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Bell Techlogix has run and architected enterprise wide deployment and upgrade efforts for over 20 years…when working shoulder to shoulder with a customer; it’s a seamless transition from one operating system or piece of technology or platform to another.” - Rob Wilson, Director of Asset Managment

When it comes to technology acquisition and procurement, many enterprises don’t know where to begin. In the process of searching for a great deal, some will end up purchasing products from disparate sources. In a search for the right product, many end up spending a great deal more money than they originally intended.

Our goal is to help enterprises and educational institutions acquire the precise technology they need, at a price that won’t break their budget, all while offering them ongoing IT support.

We can help you:

  • Save money and consolidate expenditures
  • Ensure you are getting a quality product
  • Set up your technology with adequate and proper licensing
  • Process, control and track all your IT assets
  • Finalize the implementation of new technology on short timetables
  • Making the Procurement Process Hassle-Free

Reduce Procurement Times

We often work directly with manufacturers, in order to cut down on processing and shipping times. We also work in conjunction with many other enterprises and schools across the country and have access to a whole host of refurbished and refreshed technology that may offer solutions for your enterprise.

Consolidate and Leverage Suppliers

Not only can we facilitate direct contact with many suppliers, we are often able to consolidate purchases, as well as save on shipping costs and the hassle of retail middle-men. We frequently broker deals with technology companies in order to offer financially viable solutions to our clients.

Streamline and Improve the Overall Procurement Process

Because we will step in and take the management and hassle of procurement off your hands, we are able to get a big picture idea of what your technology acquisition process needs to look like. We offer financial assessments, as well as advice on where and how you can save money. We also provide assistance on determining the types of technology to procure, and can implement a roadmap for the entire procurement to end-user process, including ongoing management and IT support, with multiple levels of Tier Support, Help Desk and Depot services.

Personalized Solutions

We have worked with a variety of clients and are able to tailor technological solutions for each one.

In a recent partnership with Baltimore County Public Schools, we were able to deploy a new wireless infrastructure across 173 schools by partnering with Aerohive Networks®.

Aerohive is a leader in controller-less Wi-Fi and Cloud-managed mobile networking for the enterprise market. Through our partnership with them on this project, we were able to offer the BCPS a host of educational IT programs, complex device deployments, wireless network environments and a thorough understanding of the full technological solution.

Just like this solution, we have partnered with numerous other companies to offer tailored technology procurement and deployment services to each one of our clients, helping them get the most for their money and also the most streamlined and efficient options for end-users.

Starting at the Beginning

When you partner with us from the very beginning of your technological endeavors, we can help you with so much more than just procurement. As part of the procurement process, we will develop a roadmap for your technological success and offer you a much larger picture of what your IT infrastructure will look like when it is completed.

We want you to get the most out of your technology, and by letting us design a system for you, we can integrate what you are already doing with the benefits of technology that will partner with you, rather than slow you down.

As part of our ongoing support, we offer:

  • Software Licensing, including Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec, and McAfee.
  • Apple Technology Services for those clients who choose to implement Apple technology into their environment.
  • Ongoing IT Asset Management to support your team once your new technology is deployed.
  • Entire lifecycle services. Bell Techlogix will see you from cradle-to-grave and back to the cradle again with your technology acquisition process. We will offer ongoing support, as well as recycle, refresh and disposal services, when the time comes.

No matter where you are in the technology acquisition and procurement process, Bell Techlogix can partner with you to save you money and get the best technological assets for your needs.


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