Benefits of IT Outsourced Managed Services – Confident Security & Risk Management


What good is tech advancement without data protection?

In 2015 alone, over 169 million personal records were hacked, stemming from 781 publicized breaches across the financial, business, education, government and healthcare sectors.

While CIOs are under a general mandate to reduce their budgets, and continue to deliver the same performance and level of service, CEOs and company boards have a different mandate for them when it comes to cybersecurity and risk management.

data protection planningHardly a month goes by without some major business or government office making news headlines because a data breach or cyber-attack has infiltrated their information stream. If an internal network is compromised, your company’s best kept secret is now public domain. Whether it's stealing customer information or proprietary secrets, these attacks will do real damage to an organization, including financial or revenue loss, long recovery time and damage to corporate reputation. Hackers are constantly looking for new ways to beat security and risk management protocols, which is why organizations -even those that have in-house cybersecurity teams and departments- need to order an independent audit by an independent service provider that will look at their security systems, verify that they meet industry standards and best practices, watch the traffic and identify any unknown vulnerabilities in a persistent manner.


Confident Security & Risk Management

Bell Techlogix values security as much as you do, and believes progress is only as good as the protection it maintains.

Bell Techlogix has long relationships with Microsoft, Cisco, and other vendors, creating custom, cutting-edge solutions for security and risk management that have built-in best practices. If we find any vulnerability, we're on the front line, patching that gap, delivering the best security possible and keeping our clients cyber-confident.

Nowadays, battle-ready vendors like Microsoft are conducting forensic analysis on widespread security threats, such as botnets. It's amazing how pervasive these attacks are, how millions upon millions of computers are infected by botnets that are potentially stealing information, while users may not be aware that this type of security threat can compromise them in the first place. Therefore, organizations need to have an IT managed service partner like Bell Techlogix that is fully knowledgeable about today’s security threats, that can provide them with a plan to minimize their risk, doing due diligence to make sure that their interests are secure.

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