Stop hackers before they have a chance to attack your system

The most volatile threat against your IT infrastructure is a security breach. The very nature of cybercrime is stealth: hackers find every exposed opening in your network to strike with great speed and without warning, putting sensitive customer and corporate intellectual property in jeopardy.

This can include trade secrets, customer payment information and other personal information such as social security numbers. The expense to an organization is multiplied exponentially by the intangible cost lack of public trust can incur.

No “cyber” insurance exists that a company could buy to protect itself completely from cybercrime. However, Bell Techlogix can customize a state-of-the-art cyber security plan for you using best security practices, expert advice and the latest security resources available.

Protect Your IT Assets from Potential Cybercrime

Managed Network Security

Managed Firewalls, Routers, Intrusion Detection, AT&T Virtual Private Network

24x7xAlways Managed Firewall

It takes experts like ours to prevent unauthorized access to your firewall security. We make sure your managed firewall is configured using best security practices and is up-to-date, ready for us to respond immediately to any detected threat.

Benefits of a 24x7xAlways Managed Firewall:

  • Round the clock services
  • Optimal firewall performance
  • Releases organization resources
  • Reduces & controls operating costs
  • Maximizes availability and up-time of services
  • Maintain PCI, HIPPA and ISO compliance

Managed Routers

Trusting your complex and potentially costly router management to our experts can reduce capital expenses, ensure seamless functionality and counter threats.

Benefits of a Managed Router Service:

  • Managed network performance and latency issues
  • Prevent unauthorized access
  • Configuration and change management
  • Implement denial of service (DOS) & denial of access (DOA)
  • Overcome internal resource limitations
  • Improved problem resolution

Managed Network Intrusion/Detection System

Using our world-class system, we can detect probes or attacks on your network and act in real-time with aggressive counter measures, significantly reducing the amount of damage as a result.

Our service uses the most widely deployed intrusion detection and prevention technology (IPS/IDS) to protect your network from intruders. We perform real-time traffic analysis and packet logging on Internet Protocol (IP) networks, scrutinized to the highest degree by our experts to detect dangerous payload or suspicious anomalies.

Managed Systems Security

Patch Management, Multi-Stage Authentication, Active Directory Federation Services

Patch Management

Protect your IT assets from viruses, malicious attacks and data thefts. Our Patch Management service ensures your system is up-to-date with the highest level of security available, leveraging your current infrastructure by applying our best practices and patch management strategy for implementation.

Multi-Stage Authentication

One of the most cost effective processes to protect your data and assets, multi-stage authentication of user identity requires two or more pieces of information such as a password plus a secure token to allow access to critical data. Even if a user compromises the first method, they still need the second method to access the network before a potential breach, creating another layer of defense against any unauthorized access.

Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)

If you have a trusted relationship with business partners (known as federation) across an extranet, ADFS will provide you with easy access to accounts using a single sign-on method. This allows one of your users to access a web application, for instance, from a federation partner using the organization’s authentication methods.

Benefits of ADFS:

  • One password for multiple applications (SSO)
  • Web services integrated with your internal security scheme
  • Eliminates partner user account management
  • Claim mapping
  • Centralized Federated Partner Management
  • Extensible architecture

Managed Mobile Security

Secure MDM, MAM, Secure Mobile Containers

With more and more employees using their own personal mobile devices for work (known as Bring Your Own Device or BYOD), keeping sensitive company and network data secure is crucial for this new work/play paradigm to succeed. Practicing Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Mobile Application Management (MAM) can help.

These strategies use an authenticated, encrypted area on a mobile device, called a mobile container, to isolate sensitive company data from personal data, which allows you to monitor, protect and control access to all the company-specific data, leaving personal data untouched.

Managed Workstation Security

Patch Management, Malware Detection, Secure Image Deployment, SCCM Management

Workstation Patch Management

Managing software updates, hotfixes or security patches to workstations rather than deploying them automatically alleviates any breakdowns to your critical applications or service. Workstation Patch Management monitors each individual update from start to finish, reviewing, evaluating and verifying documentation to ensure its relevance for and resolution of existing issues, or to verify a prerequisite before installation.

Benefits of Workstation Patch Management:

  • Management of your endpoints regardless of location, connection, type or status
  • Patch management for Windows, UNIX, Mac OS, Linux and other Operating Systems
  • Patch management for applications such as Adobe, Apple and Java
  • Comprehensive patch reports
  • Optional full patch management service by BTL operators

Malware Detection

Every day, literally thousands of viruses try to breach your sensitive data, crash your network and monitoring systems or invade sandbox technology. Our experts will perform advanced malware protection 24x7xAlways to protect from relentless virus attack.

Benefits of Malware Detection:

  • Customized focus thread detection
  • Accurate analysts
  • Damage control decrease
  • Improved incident response time

Secure Image Deployment

When a new employee comes to work on the first day, you will introduce them to your company’s IT systems and processes. Almost all organizations require different sets of OS, applications and configuration settings based on an employee’s role and department.

We can create a base image for a new imaged device with common denominators for each role in the company that can be installed and ready for deployment in an expedited way, including tasks like installing images, copying necessary departmental files, changing security/network settings, user accounts, trusting domains, etc. This can save you potential downtime due to computer issues and streamline the initial human resources process.

System Center Configuration Management (SCCM)

SCCM gives you control over your entire IT Infrastructure and network assets with an inside look into its hardware and software, plus the status and location of every user regardless of legitimacy or authorization, to determine malicious software, questionable users and devices that can be accessing your network and potentially hurting your system.

Our SCCM experts provide you with detailed, comprehensive reports to help you maximize your investment in hardware and software purchases, control costs, improve IT asset lifecycles and ensure software licensing is in compliance.

Benefits of SCCM:

  • System Center Configuration Manager designed and built to provide the mechanisms to develop and deploy images and applications
  • SCCM configured to manage your hardware and software inventory
  • SCCM providing a self-service center allowing users to manage their own optional deployments
  • Assessment of existing SCCM infrastructure for optimization, standardization, best practice and ability to meet your business requirements

Managed Cloud Security

Bell Techlogix and AT&T Compliance and Security Features, Managed Intrusion Detection, Secure & Private Cloud VPN

Cloud Management and AT&T Compliance & Security Features

Our Business Continuity Management service identifies risk, threats and vulnerabilities that could stop or hinder your company’s operations, then initiates and maintains an effective response to keep your operations resilient and running smoothly.

Secure Private Cloud VPN

A secure private cloud VPN gives you tighter security with more control, adding an extra layer of protection against cyber-attacks and improving compliance. Customizable configurations allow quick, easy secure connections from anywhere with complete control over your cloud environment, IP selection, subnet configurations and gateway selections.

  • Full Lifecycle Management
  • Device provisioning & implementation
  • Performance & availability management
  • Upgrade & patch device management
  • Expert real-time security and health monitoring & responses
  • Intelligent & enhanced threat protection
  • Backup & recovery
  • On-demand security & compliance reporting


We’ve provided managed services and solutions to:

  • Global 500 Enterprises
  • Domestic Mid-Market Companies
  • Academic Institutions
  • Healthcare Organizations
  • Retailers
  • Financial Services Firms
  • High Tech Companies
  • Manufacturers & Distributors
  • Professional Services