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Several of our customers that we support at Bell Techlogix are what I would describe as, "High-Tech" type of companies. You might ask yourself, "Why would a high-tech company outsource an IT service?" The answer is that they're actually entrusting us to provide support to their end-users. They've produced a platform or an application or a piece of software that they've done very well and are marketing that software. Because of our ability to capture proprietary information, to define and publish knowledge scripts, these organizations are actually having us support their end-user population. We're supporting our customer's customers.

This is a little bit of a unique perspective but something that we're comfortable with. We're comfortable understanding that the business that we're partnered with and my customer, is allowing their business line, their revenue stream, their customers, their end-users, to call us and get support on their IP on their property. We have a good partnership and a good relationship with those types or organizations because we're integrated into their change management flow. We're integrated into their QA process, our tier 2 and our senior analysts will a lot of times be a part of approving the change that's getting pushed out to the production. Sometimes even suggestions for future releases will come from our service desk department.

It's a good collaborative type of relationship because they can focus on the development, on the security and the stability of their product and we can focus on making sure that our customers are using that product. Having those 2 different perspectives really drives that product further and makes that business able to grow and we're able to grow along with them.

About Bell Techlogix

Bell Techlogix is a leading information technology managed services and solutions company focused on global and mid-market enterprises, as well as educational institutions.

Bell Techlogix provides our services and solutions to a variety of customers; leveraging BEAM, our integrated enterprise service delivery platform, across our offerings portfolio including, End User Computing, Infrastructure Management and Enterprise Mobility Management. Bell Techlogix’s IT Lifecycle Services provide a comprehensive suite of business process services that optimize IT assets throughout their entire lifecycle. Bell Techlogix has leveraged over 25 years of experience to build market leading solutions such as our Service Desk 3.0 and BEAM as a Service offerings for comprehensive IT managed services.

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Bell Techlogix is a leading information technology managed services and solutions company focused on global government and mid-market enterprises, as well as educational institutions. 

Service areas include Digital Workplace Services, Cloud & Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, ServiceNow, Transformation Projects, and Application Services

Bell Techlogix is a ServiceNow Premier Partner, Cisco Premier Partner, Dell/EMC Platinum Partner, NICE Business Partner, Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, among many other partnerships.

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