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Bell Techlogix 9Cloud offers a best-in-class bundle of Cloud solution services that advance Cloud-first strategies, embrace multi-Cloud environments, and invest in forward-thinking technology and skillsets. Chris Avery, Chief Technology Officer, and Rebecca Bormann, Managing Director of Sales and Services, discuss what makes 9Cloud stand out and meet the unique business needs of your organization.  Watch the video or read the transcript below.

Rebecca: Hey, everyone, I'm Rebecca Bormann, and I'm Bell Techlogix Managing Director of Sales and Services. Today, we're here to talk about Bell Techlogix 9Cloud. Chris, there's a lot of cloud offerings in the market. Can you share why Bell Techlogix 9Cloud is different, and maybe some of the values and benefits clients can expect to receive?

Chris: Yes, great question. Our 9Cloud offering really focuses on the value for the business. We've talked about... it's a multi-Cloud platform. It's a multi-Cloud solution. And we're going to look at what's best for the business. This is not just a tech term, right? And, so many people look at it that way. Everybody they work with is saying..other CIOs and CTOs and now CFOs.. because they're looking at that OpEx versus laying out a whole bunch of cash to amortize over the next five years.

We look at what is right for the business, not just performing a tech term. All the key components that would be non-key components and those pillars are all around the business. I think that is a large differentiator for Bell Techlogix. I think that also allows us to really do that 360-degree view of the ecosystem. You know, it kind of goes without saying, but I think I have to say it..People...That's a big differentiator for Bell Techlogix. We have architects that are certified in Microsoft Global Cloud, Azure, AWS. We do data analytics platforms across all of these.

We won't be in a situation where we have just, you know, one group of people that has every Azure certification and we're going to go learn AWS if that's something you want. So, I think it goes without saying that we have to talk about our people. An additional one is our entire managed services offering. We'refocusinga a lot on this transformation project to get you there. We're going to work to get you there, but then we're going to own it long term. So, obviously, we're going to do everything we can to set everybody up for success.

And to be clear, one doesn't have to go with the other. You don't have to go to the managed services route if we do a transformation project. With everything we do and everything that we offer from the managed services - we've talked about governance and security and all of these things - I think that really makes us a bit of a differentiator because there's a lot of organizations out there that are just doing the transformation. And then if there's a problem in six months, it's a whole other project. We want to work with you to own it truly from beginning to end - that full life cycle.

And, as part of that managed services, we're going to have ongoing transformation. We're going to have ongoing innovation sessions. We're going to do ongoing application reviews. This is a full life cycle, one-stop-shop - everything from transformation to governance and service delivery. You know, once we've made that... once we've made that move.

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