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Bell Techlogix 9Cloud offers a best-in-class bundle of Cloud solution services that advance Cloud-first strategies, embraces multi-Cloud environments, and invests in forward-thinking technology and skillsets. Allen McMichael, Senior Vice President, Cloud and Infrastructure Services, Chris Avery, Chief Technology Officer, and Rebecca Bormann, Managing Director of Sales and Services, explain the four pillars of 9Cloud.  Watch the video or read the transcript below.

, everyone, I'm Rebecca Bormann, and I'm Bell Techlogix Managing Director of Sales and Services. Today, we're here to talk about Bell Techlogix 9Cloud. Bell Techlogix is excited that we're able to help our clients with their Cloud initiatives. Allen, can you tell us about 9Cloud offerings?

Yeah, Rebecca, I would love to. So our 9Cloud platform is basically based on four pillars, and those pillars are supported by nine key attributes that we have designated that you need to be successful and to be successful in the Cloud. Basically, the four pillars that we provide as part of our services are Advisory where we can really help a client develop things like their strategy, their move group strategies, and how they can utilize the Cloud to best fit their business needs. The second pillar is Transformational. We can use them in doing those migrations, and really transforming their environment and utilizing what's best for them. We really need to be, you know, this is where you connect the advisory and the transformation together, where you really start to utilize those strategies that you've created. The next is the Operational aspect that we can provide as part of our services.

This is what you would call, in a lot of terms, basically the daily care and feeding of the operations of the Cloud and really operating the environment to the best of its ability, we believe. And finally, the last pillar that we utilize is Optimization. Optimization is key. Just moving your stuff as it is to the Cloud is not necessarily going to save you money. What we do is we help you govern that, and govern those cost controls where you spin up and spin down instances is needed. You utilized different types of storage to reduce your costs based upon the resiliency that you need within your environment.

these four key pillars is really what the 9Cloud offering is about.

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