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Bell Techlogix provides more value in greater productivity, fewer interruptions and top-to-bottom efficiency by fully-integrating your IT department.

Companies that are just starting out typically build their new IT environments with hardware, software and applications they are familiar with. That way, the infrastructure and systems are completed quickly and inexpensively, so the new company can focus on the business of doing business. Little thought may be given to the longevity of that IT environment.

integrate it departmentEventually, the company CIO moves their IT environment toward standardization by making sure all employees use the same make and model laptops or desktops, a universal router configuration and standardized software packages. This is a great first start. It minimizes troubleshooting and allows IT to utilize repeatable processes that use role-based permissions and overall security measures to implement a workstation management platform, like Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Management (SCCM). This is only part of a best-in-class standardized infrastructure and system.

When a CIO starts to get too many phone calls about too many issues with too many different types of hardware and too many applications; when one application gets fixed, only to have that fix break down another application, the company’s hodge-podge infrastructure has hit a threshold. That’s when the company’s business will be impacted. And that’s when a standardized infrastructure and repeatable systems can help create a much more manageable IT environment.

Implementing Best Practices in Infrastructure & Systems

When a company is established and starting to grow, it is prudent for the organization to consider inviting an expert like Bell Techlogix to review:

  • the entire IT environment
  • the system infrastructure
  • the alignment with other departments

These items, and more, should be analyzed in relation to the company’s business continuity plans, to make sure that all of them are up to the standards and best practices that the industry has identified and documented.

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data governance

Bell Techlogix performs an evaluation of the environment and looks for ways to assist with moving that environment to a common platform that’s centralized and standardized. The company is then ready to benefit from scalable growth, growing pains of their industry and potential changes in their application platform with a best-in-class operation that's easy to upgrade and future proof.

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