IT Service Request Management Benefits from Automation

The average time between service request submission and fulfillment is 32 days. That’s why 1 in 5 service requests fail.

it request managementWhen it comes to fulfilling your service requests, how would you rate your IT department? Any time you submit a formal request for information technology -a new computer, access to an online portal or another service, a new version of a software program or information on how to use it- your IT department should have the ability to plan for these requests, even automate the fulfillment workflow, and give you a positive service experience.

The service request management process of IT managed services prioritizes requests for service according to urgency, pre-approving low-risk standard changes by following an efficient, step-by-step procedure for fulfillment and ensuring employees have their requests fulfilled as soon as possible.

How would you rate your IT department then?

The Hard-Working Service Request Catalog

A stumbling block for companies in automating service requests is often the approval process. Depending on the financial spend associated with some requests, such as a new piece of hardware, different companies in different industries may have different rules for approving changes to service. However, requests like getting access to a printer or asking for a password reset (hotly debated in the managed services world) - often require less approval protocol for fulfillment. These standard requests can even be pre-approved as part of a company’s service request catalog, saving time and money.

You use a service request catalog as a self-help tool, requesting the services you’re looking for from a standard menu of defined selections that are already approved by management. This cuts down on the red tape associated with getting approval for what you need while making it faster and simpler to get it. This repeatable process is not only efficient, it costs your company less to fulfill, and you will be more satisfied with the result.

“Part of this standardization is not only having the right service change models, it is also standardizing expectations for the fulfillment of requests,” says Jack Mansfield, Vice President of Digital Workplace Strategy and host of the Bell Techlogix podcast, Transformative IT Service Management. “Business users sometimes put off requesting a service until they need it right away. With service request management, there’s an opportunity for organizations that use a service catalog to set expectations with the user community around how long these types of requests take to fulfill.”

Measuring the Effectiveness of Service Request Management

With all IT managed services processes, the key to measuring their effectiveness lies in data reporting, key metrics and analysis. Ask yourself:

  • How long does it take each type of service request to be completed successfully?
  • What is the number of outstanding service requests currently in the backlog?
  • Do you have a breakdown of service requests by the stage they’re in and which stage is holding up progress?
  • What is the average cost of fulfilling each type of service request?
  • Do you know percentage of service requests that are completed successfully within agreed SLAs?
  • How satisfied are your employees with how their service requests are fulfilled?

Want to continue the conversation? Take a listen to episode four of the all-new Bell Techlogix podcast, Transformative IT Service Management.

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