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Primerica is the largest independent financial services marketing organization in North America. Primerica has 90,000 licensed representatives in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and every province in Canada. They help their clients become properly protected, debt free and financially independent. Providing technology solutions has always been a big part of what they do for their sales force. Particularly in the last decade, there’s been more emphasis on technology, and in 2005 Primerica changed the way that a new representative joins the company. They put more emphasis on subscribing to Primerica online, and went from around 10-20,000 subscribers up to 90,000 very rapidly.

Primerica was doing all of their tech support internally at the time and as they began to grow, they began to look at the need to expand and use a third party that could help facilitate an expansion.

Bell Techlogix provides solutions to Primerica through our end user computing service line. We support all of Primerica’s mobile sales force of more than 125,000 users, and provide support to all their applications whether they’re delivered through a web portal, mobile application, or PC. Additionally, Bell Techlogix provides support to Primerica’s end-customers through a customer-facing web portal. In total, through the Primerica team, we process 30,000 interactions a month.

One of the day-to-day functions is to manage service desk communications between Primerica and Bell Techlogix, as well as a Tier 3 call center at Primerica. At Bell Techlogix, we answer Tier 1 and Tier 2 service calls with an above 90% efficiency rate on the first call. Bell Techlogix handles Tier 1 and Tier 2 calls, but anything that can’t be handled there gets escalated to a Tier 3 call center at Primerica. Bell Techlogix is able to make Primerica function more efficiently by answering and handling a very large percentage of service calls.

Primerica is an outstanding example of the type of client that we clearly want to do business with. They are a great legacy brand in the United States, and their business has grown in scale dramatically. They’ve been very successful in adopting new business models and driving their value proposition into the market on a national scale. We like the fact that they are very well known. They’ve been very successful and we’ve grown with them as their business has grown.

At Bell Techlogix, we believe in forming a partnership with our clients, not just having a client vendor relationship. Because we are an onshore company, we have been able to successfully build that relationship with Primerica where our agents are able to interact directly with Primerica employees. They feel like they are part of the Primerica company, and many of the applications that we’re supporting for Primerica are proprietary applications.

The relationship between Bell Techlogix and Primerica has made everyday functions easier. It has streamlined efficiency, and made our IT department function better than ever.

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