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In 2017, very robust organization will face both the opportunity and the challenge of cutting-edge technology.  It could be a new application, hardware or process that your organization could benefit from. When a department in your organization wants support for a new cutting edge technology, it can be challenging for the existing IT department to quickly adapt and support it.

best of class outsourcingHow IT Departments Stay Current with Cutting Edge Technology

By 2020, 25 billion devices will be generating data about every topic imaginable. IT departments that learn how to make sense of this massive amount of information by using cutting edge technologies will see their companies rise above competitors. Fortunately, there are steps that CIO’s can take to ensure their IT departments thrive.

  • Invest in continuous in-house training – for the entire IT operation. Ensure all certifications are up to date and determine when they will need to be renewed. Identify a staff member who will act as the department watchdog. This watchdog will stay on top of industry news and technology rollouts, and determine which technology the department should invest in. Labs should also be offered for analysts to gain hands-on experience.
  • Partner with a trusted IT managed service provider – like Bell Techlogix. As a managed services provider Bell Techlogix’s goal is to enhance the end-user experience, while providing companies with streamlined, efficient, and comprehensive support. One of the ways we achieve this goal is by keeping our service offerings innovative and relevant in the ever-evolving market place. Bell Techlogix offers services including Next Generation Digital Workplace and Infrastructure solutions that keep our clients IT departments running smoothly.

Staying up to date with cutting edge technology is a priority for Bell Techlogix. For example, our premiere partnership with Microsoft offered us the opportunity to have Windows 10 demoed in advance of its rollout, as well as the Surface, new hardware at the time. Bell Techlogix service desk personnel took advantage of a special Windows 10 lab where they learned how to troubleshoot the application before it was even released. That commitment to technology combined with our partnerships -whether it's with technology partners like Microsoft, HP and Apple, or with a company like RightAnswers, which develops new documentation and training materials for that cutting-edge technology, is how we leverage our knowledge base and stay ahead of the curve for our clients – and garner new ones, too.

Bringing Shadow IT into the Light

Of course, a CIO could also choose to keep the status quo- and miss out on all of the opportunities for efficiency that cutting edge technology can bring them. When this happens, the organization will often see a rise in shadow IT. Shadow IT is a term used to describe IT systems and solutions built and used inside organizations without explicit organizational approval.

If an IT department is not ready to embrace the natural adoption of new technology, they're going to find themselves disconnected, underutilized and ultimately, replaced.  If the IT department can’t provide the solutions that a department needs, the department may find a solution on their own. Oftentimes, employees will seek the help of a co-worker who isn’t part of the IT department but has some knowledge of computers, instead of calling the help desk or waiting for a sluggish IT department to deliver.

data governance

Bell Techlogix is always investing in cutting edge technology.  We research, recommend, implement, test, manage and analyze it every day.  With our diverse client portfolio, it is essential that we keep up with the marketplace, to ensure that we continue to keep our clients at the top of their game.

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