BYOD Benefits

Personalized BYOD Solutions

Discussions around Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) are much than technical discussions or economic discussions.  Considerations about policy management, HR and expense management, how to handle roll outs, deployments and support are all involved.  They are certainly challenges that are very specific to BYOD.

At Bell Techlogix, we have found that some early adopter clients and some clients that are going mainstream with BYOD are realizing tremendous economic benefit.  They are giving end users choices of devices and networks and are doing so in a very secure, very well structured fashion.

We have built specific consulting and delivering programs around BYOD that help enterprises make intelligent decisions about whether or not BYOD is for them and what the expected benefits and outcomes should be for a BYOD strategy.  BYOD is certainly here to stay and we will see more and more adoption of BYOD strategies over time.

Depending on your business profile, especially clients that operate in highly regulated or highly distributed environments, when it comes to the operating environment, BYOD is not a one-size-fits-all solution.  There are some careful considerations buyers and clients need to make before embarking on BYOD.

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