Bell Techlogix Introduces Service Desk 3.0

Service Desk 3.0 is our innovative approach to comprehensive and flexible service desk outsourcing. At Bell Techlogix, we thoughtfully listen to the marketplace to see the logical progression of industry trends.  When Service Desk outsourcing began, there were a lot of very big players: the Global Outsourcers and OEM type of organizations. When they first did outsourcing, there was not a good understanding of what was really needed, so they often put overpriced engineers on the service desk doing things like password resets. They did not have an understanding of the type of metrics that would be valuable for a service desk, and overall the experience was pretty poor and pretty costly and without flexible systems and tools. We call this period of time and model Service Desk 1.0.

As a reaction to that price point and lack of flexibility, the overseas outsourcing movement began. A lot of the firms that were looking at outsourcing service desks went to places in the Asia Pacific region, and, unfortunately, the end user experience was often quite poor, disappointing both the business user and internal IT organization alike. Pretty much everybody has a horror story of talking to someone overseas who does not really understand what's being said and doesn't really understand how to respond. While not the fault of any international culture, country or people, these models were simply too labor arbitrage focused and not holistically set up with the user in mind for success.  Additionally, at this time, the industry did begin to gain more of familiarity with some of the base metrics, systems and tools really required. We started to understand that we needed to track statistics and metrics such as average speed to answer and abandonment rates, but we weren't yet providing true business intelligence or true business value. We could compile some base-level information around what was being done, but not answer why it was being done or how we could it done better. We call this period in time and model Service Desk 2.0.

Well, that's where Service Desk 3.0 comes into play in today’s marketplace. This is where Bell Techlogix has taken the approach of bringing high quality service desk delivery back on shore, while not sacrificing total cost of ownership through domestic labor arbitrage and by taking best in class service delivery architecture and tools and integrating them  into a comprehensive solution. With Service Desk 3.0 we cannot only look at these core metrics, and slice and dice them in interesting ways, we are creating key performance indicators, continual service improvement programs, IT and business intelligence. This is one of the ways that we leverage our BEAM architecture, where we've taken the different applications that we use to support service desk and integrated them all together on the backend to provide a true business intelligence platform. We can offer pretty interesting information into a C-level office, where they can make business decisions that previously they couldn't make, while also providing key service level and operational analytics to IT.

Ultimately, the goal of the Service Desk is to provide value to an organization. It is not just value to an IT organization and not just to get the end users back online, but to be able to provide true business value. Can we prevent downtime? Can we prevent that cost that's associated with downtime, not just fix it when it happens?  Can we drive productivity through both effectiveness and efficiencies…this is the essence of Service Desk 3.0.

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