Celebrating women in leadership: Nichole L. Waterman

Bell Techlogix is proud to celebrate Women’s History Month by honoring women in leadership at Bell Techlogix. Meet Nichole Waterman, Service Delivery Manager. 

What is your role at Bell Techlogix?  In my role, I get to work directly with our clients and our operations teams to ensure we are delivering on all of our commitments to our clients and providing them an outstanding experience. I also work with the client, our delivery teams, and sales to help identify opportunities for our clients in process, tools, people, and technology improvements. 

Describe your career path prior to joining Bell Techlogix?   I started my career in contact centers, taking inbound calls and processing auto insurance claims.  I always had a passion to lead individuals and took the following steps to achieve that goal. I took on a role in quality assurance to learn the importance of delivering quality service to our customers and mentoring others and helping them reach their quality goals.  I have assisted in the training and development of others and building out of training curriculum to gain insight into what is important to make individuals successful in their role.  I have managed individuals who provide customer service in the Health Care Industry to IT support in the IT Industry.  This has led me to today leading service delivery for our clients. I believe all of the skills I have developed over the years have uniquely prepared me for success. 

What do you consider as your biggest accomplishment or win in your career?  Seeing the individuals, I lead promoted on to the next level, making an unhappy client a happy client, never being afraid of pushing myself to the next level, applying for the roles or jobs I want, and having success in chasing my dreams. 

What is the biggest lesson you've learned as a leader?   Your way is not always the right way or the only way.  You must always listen and learn from the people you lead, and the clients you serve.   Having the mindset you have all the answers will often lead to missing what your employees or clients really need.  Always put yourself in the other person's shoes and look at things from their perspective.    

What advice would you offer women just starting out in their career?  Never underestimate yourself or sell yourself short.  It is true what they say.. you can accomplish anything if you are willing to work hard enough for it.  Always apply for that promotion, even if you do not tick all the boxes. I have never checked every box, and I still applied for the job, and have successfully been promoted into the roles I have sought.  

Quote you live by... "A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her."


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