Visualizing the Service Excellence Analytics Framework

Key takeaways from Service Excellence and Analytics Driving Digital Transformation, a BrighTALK webinar event presented by Bell Techlogix.

When making an investment in service excellence analytics, your first task is to identify the result your company wants to achieve. What is your overall goal?

  • To improve IT efficiency
  • To identify opportunities for automation and lean processing
  • To improve overall business efficiency
  • To increase sales and profitability
  • To provide better service for your end customers
  • To achieve more than one of these directives
  • To achieve all the above

Defining your service excellence analytics goals may be easier than you’d think. The key is to start with your company’s stated business objectives, then figure out how to derive the expected outcomes from your analytics framework.

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Service Excellence Analytics Framework

An overall framework for service excellence analytics is relatively straightforward. To understand the current environment through data, we use discovery - data reviews, trend analysis and building a data dictionary. We ask the questions:

  1. Is the data accurate?
  2. What happened and why?
  3. What value can I get?

To optimize the current environment and to build prediction models that help make informed decisions, we use state-of-the-art tools to derive data-based insights - optimization analytics, metric improvement and predictive analytics. We ask the questions:

  1. How do I optimize?
  2. How do we improve?
  3. What might happen?

To drive solutions and monitor progress, we leverage six sigma and project management expertise to plan actions and outcomes – action tracking, empowerment via analytics and embedding analytics into the culture of the organization. We ask the questions:

  1. Are the actions implemented successfully?
  2. Are the teams getting insights?
  3. Are the benefits analytics felt company-wide?

With the discovery, insights and actions-outcomes framework in place, your company will start to make change in your organization and move toward digital acceleration and transformation.

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Decide Which Capability Fits Best

To find the right fit, consider reverse engineering your analytics needs.

Unlike a process-driven traditional approach, reverse engineering uses experience and best practices to understand and enhance current capabilities. After studying analytics solutions across the industry space and adopting the best features, collate all industry-level key performance indicators and analytics requirements and evaluate the current data maturity, then
translate any data maturity gaps to the business requirements before developing the design solution. Reverse engineering facilitates faster deployment, industry best practice adherence, metric standardization and scalability.

How do you achieve digital transformation? When your focus is on;

  1. Seamless end user experiences that combine vendor enablement, personalized support and organizational change management;
  2. Increased operational efficiency that includes business intelligence, service integration, end user experience and ticket lifecycle analytics;
  3. Integrated solutions and infrastructure that encompasses ITSM, data consolidation, automation and predictive analytics; and
  4. Centralized information management that champions enterprise reporting, digital asset tracking, data quality and governance and knowledge consolidation.

Many enterprises benefit from having all the right people, the best processes and the right technology in place. The key to digital transformation is adding an information management component to bring the people, process and technology together.


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