Transformative IT Service Management [Infographic]

Introducing a highly engaging series of articles, podcasts and videos that explores the remarkable advantages of Transformative IT Service Management.

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Bell Techlogix is recognized by our clients, partners and the industry at large as the ideal IT managed service partner, one that executes the best, most adaptable, reliable and cost-effective solution to meet a company’s specific needs. Named to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Managed Workplace Services in 2016 and through 2018, our ability to build custom managed services solutions for our clients with a completeness of vision helps make us one of only 20 providers recognized across the country.

Lowering Costs & Exceeding Your Expectations

The thought leadership that inspires such a quality experience for you is what we call Transformative IT Service Management. This approach empowers your IT organization to provide predictable, sustainable support personalized for your workforce. We help position your company for accomplishing your business objectives by:

  • streamlining business processes
  • applying an “always available” service delivery model
  • offering value-added service excellence and optimization
  • enabling employee productivity through innovation and flexible problem solving

In this infographic and our series of articles, podcasts and videos that accompany it, we present in-depth knowledge on the nine business processes that, when optimized, transform IT service management:

#1 Incident Management

If you experience an IT outage today, could your IT department resolve it before customers are impacted? Incident Management mitigates escalating incidents as they occur, restoring defined service levels to normal with as little disruption, as soon as possible.

#2 Problem Management

Do you experience the same IT issues over and over? Problem Management diagnoses the problem of one or more incidents, resolving the underlying cause and minimizing the impact by ensuring incidents do not recur in the future.

#3 Change Management

Does your IT department alert you to software update schedules and set up interim procedures for reporting service issues? Change Management enables a business to make controlled IT changes with minimal disruption to IT services, reducing the time of service delivery and aligning with business objectives.

#4 Service Request Management

When fulfilling a service request, does your IT department meet your needs ASAP? Service Request Management prioritizes requests for service according to urgency, ensuring efficient fulfillment and a positive experience for customers.

#5 Major Incident Management

How does your IT department respond when your company’s Enterprise Resource Planning system goes down? Major Incident Management establishes a response procedure and timetable beyond a routine incident management process to mitigate any significant disruption that an Major Incident may cause to a business.

#6 Knowledge Management

Do you have the appropriate access to your company’s proprietary information, and is it actionable? Knowledge Management creates processes to share, use and manage the knowledge and information of an organization so employees can resolve problems on their own, rather than waiting for a service request resolution.    

#7 Asset Management

Could your IT department do something about the expired license for Adobe Suite on your computer before you need it to do your job? Asset Management makes the best use of current resources and avoids unnecessary asset purchases with a systematic process of developing, operating, maintaining, upgrading and disposing of assets cost-effectively.

#8 Operations Management

Can you see whether all your company’s servers and applications such as Software as a Service are operating smoothly, just by looking at your computer? Operations Management allows for a controlled view of an organization’s IT landscape to better manage the provisioning, capacity, performance and availability of computer applications, on-premises data centers, private cloud deployments and public cloud resources.

#9 Security Incident Management

Another major company makes the news because of a security breach. Could the same thing happen to your company? Security Incident Management identifies potential security incidents by monitoring, reporting and analyzing security threats in real-time, which helps make organizations less vulnerable to catastrophic cyber-attacks.

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Bell Techlogix is a leader in comprehensive IT managed services, providing Next Generation Digital Workplace and Infrastructure Management solutions to large and mid-market enterprises. We deliver a true client partnership and an enhanced digital experience with custom solutions that build, integrate and support the next wave of operational transformation. With our strong heritage of leveraging an “always available,” globally capable, domestic delivery model coupled with a flexible approach to project and consultative services, you receive dedicated, mission critical 24×7 service that exceeds your business expectations.

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