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Video Transcript:

Bell Techlogix has had a lot of educational success stories over the last 25 to 30 years. We’ve been very actively involved in the educational market for about 30 years. Some of our earliest success were really around software licensing and making sure that school systems had good affordable licensing so that they had the foundation to deliver information to their students.

That has really evolved over the years into more than just some of the software licensing or just the devices themselves. We are integrating technology more into the overall learning environment today as opposed to simply selling licenses and selling devices. We're doing a lot more where we actually are putting content onto the devices. We are making them such that those devices can be managed. If the student is at school, or if they're at home, or if they're in between on the bus that we have ways to manage that software and manage what their environment is like. As well as the infrastructure behind it.

If you go back 20 years ago ... 20 years ago schools didn't even have internet access. They didn't have networks, they didn't have wireless, and they didn't have any of those things. Schools typically would have about 90 to 100 students per 1 computer in a school 20 years ago. Today that ratio is 4 to 1, so 4 students to 1 computer. In a lot of schools it is 1 to 1. When you look at the amount of technology going into those schools it's really important that we've been able to provide schools with management solutions so that they could make sure that those students have a good experience with all that technology at their fingertips.

Learn More About Bell Techlogix's Experience Center – Where Learning Comes Alive

The Bell Techlogix Experience Center is a place where educators can come to learn how to best utilize the technology that they might already have or plan to acquire for their schools. We can work with them to develop curriculum that embraces the technology they want to use. Administrators can also come and see how the equipment they want to purchase can be used to its optimum potential. The Experience Center offers the teaching professional an opportunity to experience a twenty first century classroom themselves and to see first hand the benefits their students will gain from such a rich learning environment.

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