Benefits of Outsourcing IT Managed Services - Create a Data Driven Enterprise


Bell Techlogix connects the dots between your IT department and the rest of your business with real-time data analysis.

The benefits to being a data driven enterprise are expansive. In fact, research from the McKinsey Global Institute indicates that a data driven enterprise is:

  • 23 times more likely to acquire customers
  • 6 times as likely to retain those customers
  • 19 times as likely to be profitable as a result

Why? A data driven enterprise can use the data it is mining. In order to capitalize on big data, companies must find a way to make the data valuable and actionable.

Bell Techlogix works to transform organizations into data driven enterprises. By looking at the connections between the IT department and the overall business, Bell Techlogix is able to identify how technology affects the success of the business.

real-time data analysisUse Data to Drive Business Decisions

Data is a valuable asset. However, just because an organization has access to data does not mean that they are using that data to its full potential.  For example, an organization that has an IT Ticket tracking tool, may not be looking back at the history of their data to make improvements moving forward.

By using data to drive decisions, business leaders are able to form a case that is based on facts. They will have a solid case to support a business decision that could ultimately result in improved efficiency, reduced downtime, increased capacity or an increase in sales.

IT systems and services generally have logging functionality.  Parsed log data can be loaded into a data analytics framework and used to track trends over time.  That data can be used in the decision making process, and can provide further value when aggregated with data from other resources.

Aggregating data trends, can give insight into opportunities for infrastructure improvement. Assume we have data trends that show the server response time of a web store. We can then combine that data with data showing user server interactions that result in a purchase. From this larger dataset we see that users are more likely to make a purchase when server response time is short. In this situation we have made a business case for increasing the performance of the server. If we can keep response times short, users are more likely to make a purchase.

From Cost Center to Revenue Growth

Data driven enterprises are able to justify IT investments by tying it to the revenue growth of the business.  In order to get buy-in, the enterprise must understand why they need the data.

Bell Techlogix Helps Design Data Governance

data governance

When Bell Techlogix works with a client, several types of metrics are designed.  Bell Techlogix will partner with the client to identify key performance indicators to track performance over time. Bell Techlogix enables a company’s BI team to input all of their data into a business intelligence solution, and to cross-reference that data with existing data.

Bell Techlogix can utilize any type of planning or analytics tools that the broader business already has in place. Bell Techlogix enables our clients to further analyze that data allowing for improvement of the services being offered. This insight, and its impact on the decision making of the business is transformative.

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