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Bell Techlogix 9Cloud offers a best-in-class bundle of Cloud solution services that advance Cloud-first strategies, embraces multi-Cloud environments, and invests in forward-thinking technology and skillsets. Allen McMichael, Senior Vice President, Cloud and Infrastructure Services, Chris Avery, Chief Technology Officer, and Rebecca Bormann, Managing Director of Sales and Services, explain why 9Cloud is the best solution for organizations seeking to manage the Cloud. Watch the video or read the transcript below.

Rebecca: Hey, everyone, I'm Rebecca Bormann, and I'm Bell Techlogix managing director of sales the services. Today, we're here to talk about Bell Techlogix 9Cloud.

Rebecca: IT organizations have been talking about the Cloud for a while. Allen, can you share a bit with us why organizations are considering the move to the Cloud?

Allen: That's a great question. There are a few reasons why organizations are moving to the cloud. One is their aging data center equipment. Another one is the cost savings that we are seeing in the cloud. And another is the upgraded technology and the ability to utilize those technologies at a faster pace than they normally would. Chris, do you have a couple more examples that you might be able to give us?

Chris: Yes, thank you, Allen. So I would say one key point is the platform for automation. Right. Everybody's talking about automation. Everybody's trying to determine how they're going to do automation. But you have to have a platform, right? The cloud technology enables organizations and organizations like Bell Techlogix to implement that automation and to actually be able to leverage that automation.

Chris: Now, along with the automation, we also have a lot of the built-in tools sets. Big challenges today are organizations have this massive sprawl of tools. Well, with the right cloud management platform in the right Cloud service, we have a dedicated and a singular tool to apply all of the management, to do all of the automation, to do all of the optimizations that need to happen.

Chris: It also gives business flexibility. If they're going through M&A, if they're doing different things, if they need to reduce in size, they're not trying to sell and buy data center equipment can go through and do applications as a service on a lot of those items. 

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