Challenges and Opportunities in Manufacturing Operations

Business leaders and CIOs in manufacturing are facing a significant change today—and it’s mainly defined by ever-changing challenges to growth and opportunities to improve quality.

Driving the turning point are the many opportunities to grow revenue and improve operations, versus the challenges of continually improving the speed, scale, and simplicity of manufacturing operations. In fact, it’s said that by 2020, 50% of manufacturers will derive business value from the integration of Supply Chain, Plant Operations, and Product and Service Life-Cycle Management. In the current landscape, digital projects across a wide range of manufacturing companies are not managed under a single governance process, making enterprise-wide integration a challenge according to a recent Gartner survey. And while just 30% of manufacturers are investing in digital operations transformation, the majority are continually hampered by outdated business models and technology. What’s more, by 2021, 40% of IT staff will be responsible for multiple roles—and most of these roles will trend to business-related tasks, rather than technology-related activity.

CIOs everywhere are trying to figure out how they can turn manufacturing intelligence into a competitive advantage to gain greater speed and scale and how to excel at improving customer experiences to gain bigger revenue. And that means driving revenue growth with the IT systems that they have in place. These systems are many times homegrown and meet highly specific IT needs.

The challenge is how to introduce the latest technology, applications and platforms into homegrown systems—while still increasing production, quality and efficiency. Whether it’s quoting accuracy, order timing and performance, product quality or all of these and more, it’s going to continue to be the manufacturing CIO’s focus into 2019.

Additionally, manufacturers need to keep an eye on real-time machine data to improve performance intelligence, improving IT to support new business models that in turn, need new channels for distribution, enhanced supply chain partnership to keep costs in line, rethinking CRM versus the advantages of product-based records and the never-ending issue of current pricing that is in step with price protection, enforcement and optimization.

Enter Bell Techlogix. We’re well aware of the challenges mentioned above and we’re continuing our strong presence in manufacturing, with proven successes in providing IT managed services tailored solutions and consultation to manufacturing companies of every scale. We thrive in helping companies find the delicate balance between business requirements and technical expertise that enables revenue growth. With experience integrating current and emerging technologies into a powerful set of managed services and IT Outsourcing solutions, Bell Techlogix consistently delivers manufacturers cost-effective results at a high level of quality of service. Our service sets are transformational Next Generation Digital Workplace and Infrastructure Management Solutions that can rapidly elevate a company’s IT performance across all of its departments.

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