Most of America’s business leaders want their companies to be bigger tomorrow than they are today.scalable growth with IT

Even though only 37% of CEOs prioritize tech investments, CIOs are expected to deliver the same quality of IT services for a growing number of end users at a reduced spend. In other words, if a company is currently spending $1 million to support 100,000 people, they will only want to spend $2 million when the company grows to 300,000 people.

How Scalable Growth is Achieved

Rather than having one department lead growth while others fight to keep up, Bell Techlogix can help enterprises move forward as one cohesive unit. Our Next Generation Digital Workplace and Transformational Infrastructure solutions help clients achieve business objectives, increase quality of service and improve profitability with scalable infrastructure company-wide. And we do all this leveraging a 100% on-shore domestic delivery model.

One of the key performance indicators that Bell Techlogix measures is cost per employee. Our goal as an IT managed services provider is to help our clients drive this cost down. We strategize solutions for eliminating issues that result in IT spending to rise without impacting utilization. We also strive for tier one or self-service resolution of IT service requests, so that an end user can have their issue resolved without ever having to call. We proactively monitor, track and trend potential issues before they impact end users. By looking at individual application processes, underlining server infrastructure, CPU utilization, RAM temperature, disk space and more, we can see a trend heading toward a critical threshold, proactively get in front of it and resolve hundreds of potential problems before they even manifest themselves. Scalable growth occurs when effective IT support is achieved at a lower cost.


The Case for IT Managed Services End User Outsourcing

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For organizations that realize a sufficient economy of scale, leveraging the best practices of an IT managed services provider like Bell Techlogix can help transform their business.

By streamlining infrastructure so end users can execute their business tasks more efficiently, we help to reduce IT spend and help our clients focus on the broader goal of growing their business.