Employee Spotlight: Amber Whitener, Deskside Analyst

Fun Fact:

My first IT job was doing tech support for a little ISP in my hometown. I was 13 and loved it from the beginning. 

What I enjoy about working at Bell Techlogix

Bell Techlogix is a great company that gives you the opportunity to grow. 

Advice for a new employee

I think I would tell them not to be intimidated. I’ve met some incredibly cool people here at City-County (Indianapolis). No matter what their role is, ours is to be a good human that helps another human get stuff done with the technology available to them. Be very good at that. Your teammates are going to be your greatest asset (I hope you’re lucky enough to have one as great as we do). Do your best to be a good asset to them. And things get super busy, so keep the most important thing (people) the most important thing. 

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