Black History Month Profile: Gabriel U. Nketah

By Gabriel U. Nketah
Associate Engineer, Bell Techlogix 

Black History Month is a time to honor and celebrate the achievements, contributions, creativity, and continued struggles of African Americans. This month is also a platform for education, advocacy, and awareness, fostering dialogue about racial equality, social justice, and the ongoing fight against racism and discrimination.

One notable figure who has inspired me with his unwavering commitment to justice and equality is Martin Luther King, Jr. As a prominent leader in the Civil Rights Movement, King dedicated his life to advocating for racial equality through nonviolent means. His powerful speeches, such as "I Have a Dream," continue to resonate with people worldwide.  His emphasis on love, compassion, and nonviolent resistance in the face of oppression serves as a timeless reminder of the power of moral courage and collective action.

Throughout my career, I've faced a spectrum of obstacles, including discrimination, bias, limited representation, constrained access to opportunities, and the weight of stereotypes. To surmount these hurdles, I cultivate resilience, assert self-advocacy, and remain steadfast in challenging discriminatory norms. I actively promote inclusivity and diversity, exhibiting competence, confidence, and leadership. Additionally, I confront stereotypes head-on and advocate for equitable treatment and opportunities. I celebrate cultural diversity and champion workplaces that honor and value individuals' diverse backgrounds and experiences.

At Bell Techlogix, a culture of collaboration and support thrives, fostering an environment where I am both valued and respected. Here, teamwork is not merely endorsed but embraced, with colleagues joining forces to meet common goals and deliver premium solutions to our clientele. I especially appreciate the company's unwavering commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Bell Techlogix has shown remarkable support for my military career and family life, a gesture that holds immense significance for me.

Creating a more inclusive and equitable workplace requires a collective effort from all individuals within the organization. A few strategies for fostering inclusivity and equity include education and training, diverse hiring and promotion practices, and safe spaces where employees are comfortable expressing their ideas, concerns, and identities.

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