Data Analytics Driving Digital Acceleration

Many think data analytics drives the IT industry alone. Nothing is further from reality. Just ask IndyCar Driver #63 Pippa Mann.

"The race car is a data-gathering machine,” Pippa tells members of the Indy CIO Network at a recent dinner hosted by Bell Techlogix. “We have sensors in the throttle, the pedals, sensors on the dampers, shock absorbers - we even have sensors that tell us the aero pressure on the wings. On an IndyCar, data continuously feeds in real time."

Just weeks before the Indianapolis 500, Pippa and Brenda Lichtenberg, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Portfolio at Bell Techlogix -one of Pippa’s Indy 500 sponsors- explain the role data analytics plays in improving IndyCar performance. As the unofficial record-holder for the fastest lap by a female at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Pippa hopes to make her seventh start at the 102nd running of the Greatest Spectacle in Racing on May 27 as part of Dale Coyne Racing. You can bet all the drivers on the racetrack will be counting on data analytics for a good run.

The guest presentation is part of “Data Analytics Driving Digital Acceleration,” an evening of networking, dinner and lively discussion on integrating analytics, data visualization and predicative insights that drive digital transformation, presented by Bell Techlogix to members of the Indy CIO Network, founded by Jeff Ton.

High Performance Analytics Changing Indy 500 Racing

Data analytics drives the two most important missions of IndyCar drivers: to make the cars go as fast as possible and to coax them into becoming perfect driving machines for their drivers. Every time the race car hits the track, real time data is streaming from it to the timing stand. Engineers are monitoring the car’s status as the driver also feeds them information on how the car feels on the track. “The car talks to me and I can feel what the car is doing,” Pippa says. “At those speeds I want as much information coming up through the seat of my pants to be able to react as quickly as possible.” Analyzing the car’s data together with the driver’s gut feeling is ultimately what will win the race.

How Can Your IT Organization Embrace Performance Analytics?

Often, companies focus on what the hard data is telling them, rather than connecting that empirical data to subjective personal experience and data integrity to see the fuller picture. Brenda Lichtenberg says the advanced analytics space has to do with how you mine that data; it’s seeing beyond one set of data and looking across your entire environment.

“How do BI and analytics fit into digital transformation?” she asks. “For starters, you need the big picture, so the data has to have the right relationships.”

For instance, many in the marketplace today are driving analytics with access via the mobile interface. Therefore, web responsive, mobile-friendly design considerations must be made for data and analytics. These actionable insights not only drive contract optimization, they improve end user productivity and experience as well as IT operations.

Reverse Engineering – Investing Right in Analytical Tools and Approaches

The concept behind reverse engineering is breaking something down in order to understand it. Reserve engineering is used as a learning tool for understanding and enhancing current systems, so current functionality isn’t lost. It can be used to bridge data between different operating systems or databases, or to uncover the undocumented features of commercial products and to expose security flaws and questionable privacy practices.

The reverse engineering approach to a new solution sheds light on hidden challenges such as security threads, data base usage, server engagement and hidden business values that increase a solution or application’s life as well as performance and user experience. Understanding the latest and greatest in the market in terms of tools and capabilities lets CIOs look for gaps in  operations, processes, application features and the overall performance of IT then fill the gaps efficiently, resulting in a more holistic solution for their entire environment.


For more on the Bell Techlogix presentation, Data Analytics Driving Digital Acceleration, email Rebecca Bormann,  Midwest Business Development Manager, at

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Want to continue the conversation? Listen to episode four and five of the all-new Bell Techlogix podcast, Transformative IT Service Management. Brenda Lichtenberg and Jack Mansfield, Vice President of Digital Workplace Strategy, sit down with IndyCar Driver Pippa Mann to explain the importance of data and analytics and how she turns data into action.

About Indy CIO Network

Founded in 2010 by Jeff Ton, the Indy CIO Network brings together CIOs, senior IT executives and technology thought leaders from Central Indiana to provide its 200+ members with a peer forum for addressing strategic technology trends and issues facing the industry today. The group meets twice a month - Second Wednesday lunches attract about 25 attendees and feature informal dialogue around a central topic, while vendor-sponsored evening events include networking, dinner and lively discussion around an industry-relevant presentation. If you haven’t joined the Indy CIO Network yet, connect with the group on Twitter or contact Founder Jeff Ton at @jtonindy.

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