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Organizations can achieve long-term success using 9Cloud, thanks to our bundle of best-in-class deliverables to create an IT infrastructure that's customized, and more agile and secure. Chris Avery, Chief Technology Officer, and Rebecca Bormann, Managing Director of Sales and Services, discuss client success with 9Cloud.  Watch the video or read the transcript below.

Rebecca: Hey, everyone, I'm Rebecca Bormann, and I'm Bell Techlogix Managing Director of Sales and Services. Today, we're here to talk about Bell Techlogix 9Cloud. Chris, can you share how Bell Techlogix has helped our clients with their initiatives, leveraging 9Cloud?

Chris: Sure. Thank you, Rebecca. That's a great question. So I would say the easiest way to explain this is to really look at a couple of examples for some things that we've done for clients. And, one example that really pops out to me as we're talking on products as a service, not just leveraging the infrastructure, but the actual we had a manufacturing client who ran all their manufacturing applications on a very large, somewhat segmented Sequel. They had consistent downtimes. As you're aware, Sequel is a storage hog, a memory hog. And, you know, when they would go up in a production line, they would just have to, you know, literally give as much compute to these databases as they possibly could. And you can imagine the impact if the compute resources run out, they can't process the data, it stops their manufacturing and their production. The cost of that impact is very substantial. So we actually did a project with them and we moved their entire cluster.

We moved everything they do within Sequel, as well as some other infrastructure components, but we're just focusing on that product right now,  as a service platform provided by Azure. Now, we also had to put the right optimization strategies in place because Sequel will just kind of keep going forever. We had to have the right network connectivity in place because they're passing a lot of data back and forth, coming in and out of the environments. But, we increased their environment uptime by just over 25 percent. So, I mean, that's a real number and a real fact that a client organization was losing true, hard manufacturing dollars because they could not perform the services they need to perform with their current on-prem aging equipment.

Rebecca: Chris, I heard you mention Azure. Does 9Cloud work with other Cloud environments? 

Chris: That's a very good question, and I probably should have mentioned that earlier. So we are a multi-Cloud company. We do not have to be an AWS. We do not have to be an Azure. We don't have to be a dedicated product Cloud provided by another provider or GCP. Our enablement program and our framework is going to look at what the right platform is. Is it macro services and AWS? With some of the licensing components, we talked about Sequel...Microsoft includes a lot of those STAC and core services licensing as part of the product as a service model and Azure.

So, no, we definitely like to really look at...when we do our assessments with our clients where their applications need to go. We see a lot of clients that are not going to get rid of everything, generally, they've ever had on-prem - they're still going to have a couple of things.. And then they're going to have certain things in Azure and certain things in AWS. Great question. This is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It's definitely tailored to what that business is.

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