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Bell Techlogix 9Cloud offers a best-in-class bundle of Cloud solution services that advance Cloud-first strategies, embrace multi-Cloud environments, and invest in forward-thinking technology and skillsets. Allen McMichael, Senior Vice President, Cloud and Infrastructure Services, and Rebecca Bormann, Managing Director of Sales and Services, discuss the framework for 9Cloud. Watch the video or read the transcript below.


Rebecca: Hey, everyone, I'm Rebecca Bormann, and I'm Bell Technologix managing director of Sales and Services. Today, we're here to talk about Bell Techlogix 9Cloud. Alan, can you share with us about 9Cloud enablement framework and a little bit more about how it works?

Allen: Yeah, that's a that's a great question, Rebecca. So, the naming of 9Cloud is basically based on what we consider to be the nine key factors that are required to be successful in the cloud. And I'll go through those really quick with you. So the first one is culture and expertise. You really need to work on building a cloud-first culture, and you have to have the expertise to operate within the cloud to really see the benefit of that culture that you're creating.

The second item is flexibility. And I think that Chris touched on this slightly earlier. This is really where AWS, Azure, GCP, you know, we try to maintain being very agnostic in our delivery of services. What we're looking for is business value. And you have to remain that flexibility to be able to provide that value to our clients. That's a very important aspect to this. The third is processes. You have to have the right processes to utilize the cloud.

You have to be able to measure and understand and really be able to view what you're doing there and why you're doing it there. And good processes really attribute that to being effective in what we do.

The fourth item is a strategic roadmap. Without a good strategic roadmap, you really don't know where or what it is you're going to do. You've got to have that roadmap that's giving you an idea of where you want to move your business to. Do you want to add functionality and features for mobile applications? Do you want to do more dev ops? Do you want to change your application structures to be more cloud-ready? Those are things that really need to be in your strategic roadmap, and it needs to be flexible, but you need to follow it, right?

Otherwise, you just won't see the gains that you're expecting to see by moving to the cloud. The fifth item is governance and cost control. We've talked about this governance is imperative. You can't let everyone just be cowboys, to be honest with you. You've got to be able to govern where and what they're capable of doing because a lot of this will also dictate things like the next item that I want to talk about, which is things like security and compliance. Security and compliance are imperative.

I think Chris touched earlier that, you know, their ramp and some other of these socks and other things that you need to be compliant with when you move to the cloud, you need to consider these. You do not want to put your stuff up there and make it available to the cloud. It's just not what you want to do. The next thing that we want that I want to touch on is really number seven is application modernization. This is the time to really look at your legacy applications, and are they providing you the service that you really, truly need.

There's a lot of service items out there today that could really benefit a lot of these companies and probably at a lower cost than they're doing today. The next item is architecture and stability. Without stability, we simply cannot provide services to our clients or them to their end-users and clients. You know, I believe it was Gartner who stated for every hour down, the average loss for a company is approximately $300,000 an hour, according to Gartner. That's a large sum of money.

And any time you don't have the architecture and the stability to maintain that uptime. Your company is going to be losing money and you need to keep that into consideration. And lastly, is the importance of automation and IT and operations and cloud opps, and really automating and making consistency with how you deliver cloud services. One of the things that you can really do with the automation is to provide a level of quality that just may not be there within your current infrastructure. You can really automate quality into the delivery of your services.

Rebecca: Yeah, that was great, Alan, so there's definitely a lot of components - and this is a comprehensive offering. So let me ask you a question.... If my organization already has our cloud roadmap, but we need help implementing it, is that something that Bell Techlogix 9Cloud offerings could do?

Allen: One of the things that's so great about the design of our 9Cloud platform, and in our pillars in these keys to success is we can be wherever you are in your journey and assist you with that. If you are stuck with not having the resources to do the transformational activities, such as the migrations to the cloud or moving the sequel from, you know, On-Premise to Azure cloud, we can assist you in these activities so we can come in anywhere you are within that step.

Rebecca: And that's great. Thank you.

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