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Episode: 4 ServiceNow AI Solutions to Delight Customers

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Customer satisfaction is critical for any organization. When incidents and outages aren’t resolved quickly, it impacts your band – and bottom line. Reducing barriers that clog the customer experience involves connecting every part of your organization. The right analytics, insights, and visibility across your enterprise will deliver a faster, more efficient and satisfying customer experience.

Research by Deloitte and Touche found that customer-centric companies were sixty percent more profitable compared to companies that were not focused on the customer.

Harnessing artificial intelligence to deliver exceptional customer care is now essential for business sustainability. AI empowers you to think beyond traditional engagement and embrace advanced technologies that produce accurate, fast, and consistent customer service. It is technology that puts you back in proactive mode delivering a smarter, personalized experience for customers.

According to research by McKinsey & Company, companies that prioritized the customer experience saw gains of up to twenty percent in customer satisfaction. 

What is AI?

AI through ServiceNow is a bundle of software technologies that can interpret data, support and automate decisions, and take actions. Put simply, it’s the “secret sauce” you need to stay competitive in this rapidly changing business climate. AI is a critical resource in overall business operations. It’s not just about chat bots and messaging tools. AI-powered solutions increase productivity and generate real-time data to keep your business operating efficiently.

Seventy-five percent of people who have embraced AI say it is helping them to make better decisions.

Here are three ways you can strengthen the customer experience with ServiceNow AI solutions:

Proactive Service
Good customer service means staying ahead of issues before they arise. AI has the speed and intuitiveness to detect patterns that could be drive up case volumes. These insights reduce the number of incidents because they are addressed early before customers even notice. ServiceNow® Predictive Intelligence identifies clusters of cases with similar underlying issues. This data gives you a full picture of major issues and best solutions. This intelligence also enables you to link issues to one case or create a new one so you are able to resolve similar cases at once. When teams have the knowledge base and insights to predict behavior or potential issues it truly makes for a more enhanced customer experience.

Personalized Service

Customers want issues resolved fast. AI helps you do that. Organizations have the end-to-end visibility to not only anticipate customer needs but manage major issues and take action quickly. It’s like a personalized virtual assistant speaking the customer’s language and guiding them through the process to a fast resolution. Tools like ServiceNow® IntegrationHub elevates customer interactions making them more personal and responsive. It breaks down complex data and create useful insights for better customer interaction. ServiceNow® Virtual Agent  or chatbot searches knowledge databases to answer customer questions with lightning speed. Customer can engage with the virtual agent from messaging apps, collaboration tools, or your website. This rapid, human-like interface increases resolution rates reducing customer service costs and making more people available for other projects. These integrations also ensure an always-on customer service support platform to resolve issues 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

When organizations utilize automation, the work environment shifts. No longer are employees working in silos. There is a seamless, unified work flow that eliminates repetition and improves productivity. Efficient processes and digital workflows make it easier to spot problems and resolve them quickly while increasing customer satisfaction. A group of ServiceNow®  tools work together to enhance this process. ServiceNow®  Automation Discovery uses AI-led process to reveal new ways to improve existing workflows. Combined with ServiceNow Predictive Intelligence, Automation Discovery provides direction on how other ServiceNow solutions like Virtual Agent and auto-routing can help streamline workflows. The ultimate goal is to use automation to connect people, functions, and systems to help you track down and eliminate bottlenecks so you stay productive.

Providing continuous exceptional customer service is all about planning. The right data and analytics enable you to find gaps in workflows and forecast workloads. AI-powered analytics give you real-time data on what needs your immediate attention to maintain the highest level of customer service. It can be customized to route cases to specific managers or identify the products and services receiving the most customer concerns.

These are just three ways AI is implemented through ServiceNow to make work smarter, faster, and simpler for an outstanding customer experience every time. Contact Bell Techlogix to learn more about integrating ServiceNow solutions in your organization.

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