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Focus and speed combined with industry experts and leading technology and tools drive excellence on the racetrack and in business. Accelerate by Bell Techlogix leverages our team of experts and best-in-class tools and technology to deliver tailored IT managed service solutions that solve your most complex business challenges. From automation to self-service and self-healing technologies and leveraging the leading ITSM platform, ServiceNow, the Bell Techlogix team can help your organization advance your digital journey, mature your security posture and optimize IT operations all with a keen focus on providing an exceptional user experience.
Bell Techlogix is a proud partner of Shift Up Now to support more diversity in motorsports. Hear from famed female driver Pippa Mann on how data analytics helps her excel on the track.
Leverages the capabilities of Nice CXOne Platform and ServiceNow for an exceptional omnichannel Service Desk and Deskside support experience
Delivers resilient services that increase productivity and create amazing experiences wherever your employees work
Enables AI-powered process and task automation capabilities through our Automation Center of Excellence
Utilizes SmartInsights, our data solution, and Service Excellence Analytics to make informed decisions and drive end-user productivity and overall experience

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Our experts have the know-how to design the best solutions for your most complex business challenges.  

Elevate business productivity with customized, automation-powered solutions from Bell Techlogix.

Leveraging best-in-class technology solutions is good business in today’s fast-paced work environment.

Accelerate by Bell Techlogix combines our expertise with the latest hardware to transform your traditional workplace into a smart, AI and automation-powered, end-user centric experience.  

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