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IT Asset Management - Tracking, Lifecycle Support, & End-User Services

"An important piece of our managed service strategy, we deliver accountability and usage of IT assets. Among many services, we coordinate the handling of assets, tracking, inventory management and provisioning, remediation, as well as end-of-life processing for IT assets from cradle to grave." - Rob Wilson, Director of Asset Managment 

IT Asset Management is so much more than just help desk services or governance for enterprise policy standards.

As an IT Asset Management provider, we are equipped to assist your enterprise or educational institute with asset management from the initial planning and deployment phase, all the way through to Asset Refresh and Disposal services.

What Bell Techlogix Offers

Initial Planning and Deployment

Wherever you are in the asset acquisition process, we can partner with you to organize and implement the best, most efficient and cost effective strategy. We have experience working with every type of operating system, all types of technology and various sizes of deployment plans. We can manage small scale, and large scale projects, as well as handle the acquisition and setup of all devices.

Repairs, Asset Tracking and Help Desk Solutions

In our multiple-tiered service options, we offer full scale repairs for all malfunctioning IT assets and devices either virtually or at one of our many Technology Logistics Centers (depot locations). We also provide asset tracking to help maintain the location and functionality of every device under your charge.

Asset tracking allows you to keep your IT costs manageable, avoid overspending on unused devices and tracking where your money may become wasted over time. In addition to these services, we provide ongoing Help Desk support to enable your end-users to troubleshoot and problem solve with their own devices.

This service eliminates an overworked IT department, as well as empowers your employees to get to know their devices and work toward individualized solutions.

Asset Refresh and Remarketing

When any asset is reaching the end of its usability, before we assess the need for disposal, we determine if any asset can be repurposed or refreshed for an extended life or new purpose. In order to manage your costs, asset refreshing and remarketing gives us a way to save your budget.

As part of the remarketing process, we often are able to clean up and repurpose devices for the resale of old equipment. As part of this process, all assets undergo a complete hard-drive wipe and refresh, in order to spare any sensitive information that is private to your organization.

Asset Disposal

Our team of asset disposal experts can assist your enterprise in eliminating unusable devices and materials from your location, all while meeting compliance standards, green initiatives, and protecting your information and data.

We are able to provide the secure destruction of proprietary information, as well as handle all warranty inquiries, repairs and asset reconditioning or disposal.

We offer an end-to-end view of IT Asset Management, and through this lifecycle process, we are able to help each enterprise streamline and automate their IT Asset Lifecycle Management processes, saving money and increasing effectiveness.


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