Case Studies

Success with Shale Inland

Shale Inland, a leading supplier of industrial products, required a partner to assist them with a major migration and integration challenge for their 48 locations across North America and Saudi Arabia. Considering the size and scope of the effort, Shale Inland’s decision-makers realized that the company would be stretching itself extremely thin if it were to attempt to handle this entire endeavor in-house. Such an effort would be taxing financially and in terms of labor.

To take on this challenge, Shale Inland relied on the services of Bell Techlogix, which provided Shale Inland with a complete, end-to-end managed service solution that addressed each and every issue the company faced. This included data center maintenance and optimization, desktop management, service desk support for all end-users and security for mobile devices.

In a short amount of time, Shale Inland had developed a thorough infrastructure network that entirely incorporated the newly acquired division, combining this addition seamlessly with existing operations. This new infrastructure was stable and well-managed, capable of supporting all mission-critical business applications. Perhaps the most significant result of Shale Inland’s partnership with Bell Techlogix, however, is simply end-user satisfaction. Throughout the organization, employees have experienced great success with the resulting infrastructure, allowing them to perform their jobs with efficiency.

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