Enterprise Mobility Management

Several years ago, Bell Techlogix saw a clear trend toward more and more mobile devices, permeating enterprises, and educational institutions. As the trend grew towards specific needs around those mobile devices, Bell Techlogix knew the needs for support of those mobile devices would increase. Whether those needs would be conductivity, quality of service, applications, provisioning […] Read more

BYOD Benefits

Discussions around Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) are much than technical discussions or economic discussions.  Considerations about policy management, HR and expense management, how to handle roll outs, deployments and support are all involved.  They are certainly challenges that are very specific to BYOD. At Bell Techlogix, we have found that some early adopter clients […] Read more

Case Studies

Shale Inland, a leading supplier of industrial products, required a partner to assist them with a major migration and integration challenge for their 48 locations across North America and Saudi Arabia. Considering the size and scope of the effort, Shale Inland’s decision-makers realized that the company would be stretching itself extremely thin if it were […] Read more

IT Service Confusion
Customer Service

Service Desk 3.0 is our innovative approach to comprehensive and flexible service desk outsourcing. At Bell Techlogix, we thoughtfully listen to the marketplace to see the logical progression of industry trends.  When Service Desk outsourcing began, there were a lot of very big players: the Global Outsourcers and OEM type of organizations. When they first […] Read more

IT as a Service

IT as a service is a term we are hearing about more and more in our industry. It’s a name that gets tossed around quite a bit and has multiple definitions and meanings to various stakeholders. We look at IT as a service as a simple paradigm shift in our market. More and more today, […] Read more

Middle Market Client Strategies

Very often, middle market IT services buyers have all of the same requirements of a large enterprise. However, what has also become increasingly apparent is that many of the very large service provides do not devote the time, attention, methodologies and offerings truly required to satisfy the needs and expectations of middle market companies. The […] Read more

IT Service Management
Benefits of IT as a Service

What are the benefits of IT as a Service? Some of the benefits for the user and/or the business are vast actually. One benefit would be predictable outcomes and well-structured service levels so that the business user of the IT service could understand how the service is best utilized, leveraged and “consumed.” With well-defined service […] Read more

IT as a Service