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why incident management

Even though 63% of companies close more than 1,000 incidents per month, over 40% acknowledge IT resources are stretched too thin. If your company experiences an IT outage today, could your IT department resolve it before customers are affected? Incidents happen all the time, unplanned interruptions or marked reduction in service quality resulting from some […] Read more

it service management

Introducing a highly engaging series of articles, podcasts and videos that explores the remarkable advantages of Transformative IT Service Management. (click here is view full infographic) Bell Techlogix is recognized by our clients, partners and the industry at large as the ideal IT managed service partner, one that executes the best, most adaptable, reliable and […] Read more

bell tech cafe

Sometimes, you just want to hand your non-functioning device to somebody and say, “Fix it.” Companies today can choose from different types of tech support for their IT needs. Employees are looking for stress-free ways to resolve issues with their computers or mobile devices, such as automated tech support. Through an IT self-service portal, you can […] Read more

What Is Business Operations Automation?

  What Is Business Operations Automation? Today’s employees are spending 10 to 25 percent of their time on routine computer tasks. Business Operations Automation replaces repetitive-based work and adds to their capacity to perform strategic tasks, creating more value with less investment. Companies in every industry are leveraging B-O-A processes such as Dual Data Entry, […] Read more

Today’s employees are spending 10 to 20 percent of their time working through routine or repetitive computer tasks. Business Operations Automation adds to your staff’s capacity to perform more strategic work, creating more value with less investment. (click on image to view entire infographic) What is Business Operations Automation? Business Operations Automation enables companies to […] Read more

it security and risk management

  What good is tech advancement without data protection? In 2015 alone, over 169 million personal records were hacked, stemming from 781 publicized breaches across the financial, business, education, government and healthcare sectors. While CIOs are under a general mandate to reduce their budgets, and continue to deliver the same performance and level of service, CEOs and […] Read more

it service improvement
standardized infrastructure and systems

  Bell Techlogix provides more value in greater productivity, fewer interruptions and top-to-bottom efficiency by fully-integrating your IT department. Companies that are just starting out typically build their new IT environments with hardware, software and applications they are familiar with. That way, the infrastructure and systems are completed quickly and inexpensively, so the new company […] Read more

transformational best practices

  72% of CEOs say the rapid pace of technological innovation is their biggest challenge. Transformation and innovation become reality when departments are aligned. What enables a company to leverage economies of scale and consistency around their IT infrastructure are standardized best practices. Organizations can choose to develop their own processes from scratch, writing and […] Read more

it outsourcing business alignment

  Take your IT department from utility player to strategic leader by optimizing the computing experience of an IT managed service provider like Bell Techlogix. Today’s corporations are focused on achieving their business objectives by leveraging big data and proprietary information garnered from every department in their organization. By aligning all stakeholders with overall business […] Read more