transformational best practices

  72% of CEOs say the rapid pace of technological innovation is their biggest challenge. Transformation and innovation become reality when departments are aligned. What enables a company to leverage economies of scale and consistency around their IT infrastructure are standardized best practices. Organizations can choose to develop their own processes from scratch, writing and […] Read more

it outsourcing business alignment

  Take your IT department from utility player to strategic leader by optimizing the computing experience of an IT managed service provider like Bell Techlogix. Today’s corporations are focused on achieving their business objectives by leveraging big data and proprietary information garnered from every department in their organization. By aligning all stakeholders with overall business […] Read more

IT business growth
IT Service Integration

  Bell Techlogix is your one-stop solution for every IT issue – seamless coordination across multiple vendors and one source of answers. A $208 million per year impact is expected from better use of technology on average across industries, foreign and domestic. While many IT departments choose to implement spot solutions that are likely to […] Read more

Outsourcing Technology

  Keep relevant in your ever-changing marketplace. Leverage best-of-class products and service with an IT managed service provider like Bell Techlogix. In 2017, very robust organization will face both the opportunity and the challenge of cutting-edge technology.  It could be a new application, hardware or process that your organization could benefit from. When a department […] Read more

data driven enterprise

  Bell Techlogix connects the dots between your IT department and the rest of your business with real-time data analysis. The benefits to being a data driven enterprise are expansive. In fact, research from the McKinsey Global Institute indicates that a data driven enterprise is: 23 times more likely to acquire customers 6 times as likely to […] Read more

benefits of outsourcing

In today’s economic environment, how will your organization achieve business objectives, increase quality of service and improve profitability? Next Generation Digital Workplace and Transformational Infrastructure solutions from Bell Techlogix provide IT executives with the ultimate end user experience. Our seasoned professionals enable our clients to leverage a completely on-shore domestic delivery model for outsourced IT […] Read more

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it operation analytics technology
IT Asset Lifecycle Management

Developing an Effective IT Asset Lifecycle Management Process When most people think about IT, they picture assets such as computers, software and mobile devices. In reality, IT assets encompass so much more. While a data center will certainly have computers and related equipment, it will also be equipped with cabling, racking, work desks, air conditioning, […] Read more