Thoughts & Insights

Benefits of IT as a Service

What are the benefits of IT as a Service? Some of the benefits for the user and/or the business are vast actually. One benefit would be predictable outcomes and well-structured service levels so that the business user of the IT service could understand how the service is best utilized, leveraged and “consumed.” With well-defined service […] Read more

IT as a Service
IT Deployment Management

When a client recently approached us and asked us about the possibility of re-imaging 200,000 of her devices and updating their firmware, all within 6-8 weeks, we knew we were up for the challenge. Bell Techlogix successfully received, unpackaged, re-imaged, tested, and repackaged the devices safely for shipping, all so our client didn’t have to […] Read more

End User Computing Service

Primerica is the largest independent financial services marketing organization in North America. Primerica has 90,000 licensed representatives in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and every province in Canada. They help their clients become properly protected, debt free and financially independent. Providing technology solutions has always been a big part of what they do for their […] Read more

Infrastructure Management Services

On the list of challenges that CIO’s often encounter is the management of their infrastructure. It can be difficult to coordinate the different infrastructure groups including: networking, engineering, desk-side field support, service desk, security, and network monitoring. How do you really manage your entire infrastructure seamlessly? One of the most crucial factors of a service […] Read more

Technology Lifecycle Services
Mobile Device Management

In today’s fast paced economy, technology can become overwhelming.  Bell Techlogix provides the tools and support to enable your team to utilize technology to the fullest.  Support issues don’t just happen during business hours, and Bell Techlogix is there to provide support for your team removing the distractions of application and hardware issues.  But, support […] Read more

Infrastructure Management

Bell Techlogix has done an excellent job in buying and integrating best of breed products in the marketplace. We take our time to strategically assess and determine which products are best to enable us to provide our managed services to our customers. We have made a strategic decision to take that platform now and extend […] Read more