Employee Spotlight: Lori Cherry, HR Data Analyst

Fun Facts about Lori

  • Born on Leap Year Day
  • Has watched the entire series of The Office 10 times

What I enjoy about working at Bell Techlogix

I enjoy working with the HR team. Every person on the team is willing to help out and pitch in wherever needed. I’d also say I was really impressed with how Bell Techlogix handled working challenges related to Covid-19. I truly feel that leadership made decisions with employee safety as the first priority.

“Lori is a great asset to the HR team. While she typically handles HRIS audits, HR reporting requests, metrics, surveys, and HR compliance reporting, she’s a great team player with a versatile skillset jumping in to help with staffing support, orientation, and onboarding, and anything else we throw at her. She’s a team player and always willing to help. Bell Techlogix is lucky to have her!” – Ami Hall, Vice President, Human Resources, Bell Techlogix 

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