Enterprise Mobility Management

Enterprise Mobility Management – From the Ground Up

Several years ago, Bell Techlogix saw a clear trend toward more and more mobile devices, permeating enterprises, and educational institutions. As the trend grew towards specific needs around those mobile devices, Bell Techlogix knew the needs for support of those mobile devices would increase. Whether those needs would be conductivity, quality of service, applications, provisioning and support for the devices themselves, we at Bell Techlogix knew to start preparing for the new set of challenges we would face. We made a very strategic business decision to form an enterprise mobility management practice.

We intially did that as profit center within our company, and we did it in such a way that we were able to build a specific set of solutions for the mobility requirements that we were seeing. As we created this new enterprise management division, we were able to innovate and scale that practice over time. What has resulted is incorporated standard service offerings with the adjacent services Bell Techlogix offers around computing, infrastructure management, and support operations.

Now, Bell has a specific mobility consulting and management service to offer, but more than that, we also offer a very holistic offering that incorporates, not only mobility, but traditional computing and infrastructure challenges as well.

Our goal is to support companies from the bottom of their infrastructure, all the way to their top level needs. Whether it is individual device support, or entire infrastructure management your enterprise is searching for, Bell Techlogix has been working for decades to develop, hone and perfect Tier Level Management systems, including mobility management services. If you have questions about our service offerings and want to learn more about our fit for your company, give us a call at 888-612-8261.