E-learning transformation starts with tech support

Classroom instruction is changing – and IT support is definitely part of this evolution. As schools and universities adapt to e-learning platforms, CIOs and IT directors are leading the conversations about managing the volume of information that is shared securely and seamlessly.

Jack Mansfield, Vice President, Digital Workplace Strategy, shares his insights about e-learning and the important role of tech support. 

Audio Transcript

If the student has an opportunity to find an excuse of, “I couldn’t do my homework because the technology ate it,” then there’s going to be disruption in that learning and that learning process. And IT support has an opportunity in the education space to really start to change that conversation instead of having technology being the tool that supports education.

What we’ve seen over the past 11, 12 weeks is that technology has become a platform for education and the CIO, the IT director, the technologist within the elementary school, within a high school now has that broader seat at the table to talk about how are we impacting and influencing the way that students are getting that education experience, whether it’s through conference calls, Zoom meetings, Go To meetings, Google Hangouts….whether it’s through taking advantage of the online learning platforms like Canvas, Blackboard, to be able to share collaboratively using G-Suite. The technology components are critical to every single interaction every student has been having. The beauty of this, as we start to come out of the COVID-19 restrictions, this has allowed us to see what is possible.

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