Information technology can have a major impact on your organization’s overall strategy. In this recent EchoChamber podcast, Jack Mansfield, Vice President of Digitial Workplace Strategy, explains how the team at Bell Techlogix maximizes technology to achieve tangible, real-world results for business customers. Listen to the full broadcast, hosted by the Indiana Chamber, here.   Read more


As today’s digital workplace continues to evolve, managed workplace services play an even larger role in helping businesses operate efficiently. From cloud storage and data security to customized service desk options, fast and effective technology options are critical to keeping up with the demanding pace of businesses and their employees. A recent article from CMS […] Read more

What Is Business Operations Automation?

  What Is Business Operations Automation? Today’s employees are spending 10 to 25 percent of their time on routine computer tasks. Business Operations Automation replaces repetitive-based work and adds to their capacity to perform strategic tasks, creating more value with less investment. Companies in every industry are leveraging B-O-A processes such as Dual Data Entry, […] Read more

Intrusion Detection System
Emerging Technology

Ask the Experts Over the last 5-10 years, Bell Techlogix customers consistently come to us asking about emerging technologies. They view us as the experts. They wonder how an emerging technology can work in their environment. Safe Place for Testing What Bell Techlogix put together really is an opportunity for our customers to have a […] Read more

Managed Router
Managed Firewall
IT Remediation & Coordination

What sets Bell Techlogix apart from most technology providers offering some level of managed services, and like anything, the definition of managed services varies greatly, depending on who you talk to. Define Service in Managed Services From Bell Techlogix’s perspective, our engineer’s abilities to not only identify the issues, but to remediate the issues. As […] Read more