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Many think data analytics drives the IT industry alone. Nothing is further from reality. Just ask IndyCar Driver #63 Pippa Mann. “The race car is a data-gathering machine,” Pippa tells members of the Indy CIO Network at a recent dinner hosted by Bell Techlogix. “We have sensors in the throttle, the pedals, sensors on the […] Read more

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For most people, the world of cybercrime is terrifying and fascinating at the same time. Somewhere in the realm of science fiction, cybercrime is identified as the stuff of compelling entertainment, such as the recently launched drama, CSI: Cyber, which stars Patricia Arquette as head of the FBI’s cybercrime division, hunting a new breed of […] Read more

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Nowadays, when employees survey the tools they have to do their jobs effectively, they not only use a laptop or a desktop computer, they’re accessing a mobile phone, a tablet or hybrid device for business purposes. They likely use a number of peripherals as well, such as a Bluetooth keyboard or separate docking stations for […] Read more

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

With today’s technology, service providers are finding new ways to make desktop virtualization worthwhile. The concept of virtualization has been around for many years, yet service providers are finding new ways to use virtualization thereby improving IT environments for their clients in the wake of decentralization, escalating costs and low performance. The result: Companies are […] Read more

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Alleviate cloud sprawl with the new BEAM Cloud Manager, a well-structured managed service for the cloud, which is part of the Bell Techlogix Enterprise Architecture Management (BEAM) platform. A growing concern in the global marketplace, cloud sprawl, could become an IT leader’s biggest challenge in the coming years. As various enterprises, institutions (and the departments […] Read more


So, your new service desk is up and running. Done. The service provider is coming through with flying colors and you’ve checked one more item off your to-do list, right? Continued success with IT Service Management (ITSM) rarely works this way. When key decision makers on the client side are consistently engaged in conversation with […] Read more