Managed Services Myths

Outsourcers are not Innovators

The final part to our series explores the value of integrated innovation as applied to truly transformational outsourced service engagements. To dispel the myth of Tier 1 Support is a Commodity, the ability for managed service providers to engage end users through multi-channel support methods –including person-to-person interaction- as well as analyzing and solving their […] Read more

Tier 1 is a Commodity

The next of our five-part series explores what end users want today: intelligent, real time, first-call resolution to their IT service inquiries. To dispel the myth of Offshore is Always Less Expensive, ask yourself whether you’ve analyzed the total cost of ownership compared to the quality of service and the end user experience, especially for […] Read more

Offshore is always less expensive
Domestic Cannot Be Global

The next of our five-part series explores new options for global delivery and cost arbitrage that originate from our own backyard in the United States. To dispel the myth of Bigger is Better, focus on the industry’s current demand for more purposeful, right-size managed IT services in partnership with focused specialty service providers, which will […] Read more

Myths of Managed IT Services Debunked