IT Strategy


Professionals in the manufacturing space—no matter their company’s size or product—are challenged to figure out how to turn manufacturing intelligence into a competitive advantage. An advantage that helps them gain greater speed and scale while also excelling at improved customer experiences for expanded revenue. That means powering revenue growth with managed IT service and solutions […] Read more


Maintaining a high level of customer service and procedures is a critical test for most organizations. For a leading food manufacturer of fresh dips and spreads serving the U.S., Europe and Australia, delivery is critical because of its global reach. The challenge Bell Techlogix used its expertise to partner with this company to create a […] Read more


When you are a global defense contractor, maintaining a sophisticated service desk configuration is vital to operations. In this fast-paced, high-security industry, this client delivers integrated solutions for the global communication market along with support for a variety of aircraft and ground systems for military government and commercial customers. Based in New York, the contractor […] Read more


Business leaders and CIOs in manufacturing are facing a significant change today—and it’s mainly defined by ever-changing challenges to growth and opportunities to improve quality. Driving the turning point are the many opportunities to grow revenue and improve operations, versus the challenges of continually improving the speed, scale, and simplicity of manufacturing operations. In fact, […] Read more

analytics framework

Key takeaways from Service Excellence and Analytics Driving Digital Transformation, a BrighTALK webinar event presented by Bell Techlogix. When making an investment in service excellence analytics, your first task is to identify the result your company wants to achieve. What is your overall goal? To improve IT efficiency To identify opportunities for automation and lean […] Read more

analytics goals

Key takeaways from Service Excellence and Analytics Driving Digital Transformation, a BrightTALK webinar event presented by Bell Techlogix. When you are ready to address your analytics goals, you typically look to your data. Once your trusted, transparent data sources are defined and shared with your stakeholders, you correlate as much of that data as possible, […] Read more


Key takeaways from Service Excellence and Analytics Driving Digital Transformation, a BrighTALK webinar event presented by Bell Techlogix. IT Service Management and Analytics help organizations implement and accelerate digital transformation. To manage this change effectively, start by accessing your current state of analytics maturity. A good rule of thumb is to notice whether or not […] Read more

ServiceNow Cloud

Bell Techlogix drives enterprise ITSM and delivery automation services with the industry-leading IT platform and self-service capabilities of ServiceNow, enhancing our ability to provide you with the very best end-to-end IT Managed Services solutions. Today’s enterprise IT organizations are always researching ways to streamline operations. Information technology platforms that consolidate tools and maintain a central […] Read more

ITSM & Digital Transformation

With Digital Transformation in 2018 spanning multiple departments and business units, it’s crucial to have a plan in place to effectively manage this change. Instrumental aides in the journey, IT Service Management and Analytics, help organizations implement and accelerate Digital Transformation. Bell Techlogix working alongside BrightTALK, a technology media company which provides professional webinar and […] Read more

it service request management

The average time between service request submission and fulfillment is 32 days. That’s why 1 in 5 service requests fail. When it comes to fulfilling your service requests, how would you rate your IT department? Any time you submit a formal request for information technology -a new computer, access to an online portal or another […] Read more