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analytics framework

Key takeaways from Service Excellence and Analytics Driving Digital Transformation, a BrighTALK webinar event presented by Bell Techlogix. When making an investment in service excellence analytics, your first task is to identify the result your company wants to achieve. What is your overall goal? To improve IT efficiency To identify opportunities for automation and lean […] Read more

Today’s employees are spending 10 to 20 percent of their time working through routine or repetitive computer tasks. Business Operations Automation adds to your staff’s capacity to perform more strategic work, creating more value with less investment. (click on image to view entire infographic) What is Business Operations Automation? Business Operations Automation enables companies to […] Read more

it security and risk management

  What good is tech advancement without data protection? In 2015 alone, over 169 million personal records were hacked, stemming from 781 publicized breaches across the financial, business, education, government and healthcare sectors. While CIOs are under a general mandate to reduce their budgets, and continue to deliver the same performance and level of service, CEOs and […] Read more

digital workforce

6 Core Competencies for an Innovative Digital Workplace and Workforce With all of the focus on the latest and greatest technologies, we sometimes forget what’s really behind digital enterprise innovation – talented people. Today’s technology is more powerful than ever, and companies are embracing it because it is changing how business is done, creating opportunities […] Read more