Internet of Things

IoT and the Enterprise The Internet of Things (IoT) has quickly become a familiar expression among technology and business. These “things” are not general purpose devices like smartphones and PCs; rather, they include dedicated objects ranging from jet engines and cars to vending machines and soap dispensers. It is safe to say that the IoT […] Read more

it spending strategies

Tech Budgeting & Spending Strategies Organizations around the globe struggle with IT budgeting. One of the primary reasons for the struggle is that the IT department doesn’t understand the budgeting process, and the Accounting Department doesn’t understand IT. CIOs that have reached a certain level can budget within their own departments, but may have difficulty […] Read more

Retail Business Technology Strategy
Drives IT Efficiency
Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Management – Why You Need It? What is infrastructure management? Also known simply as IM, it is the process of managing the components of a company’s information technology. It may include such components as policies, processes, data, and human resources. It includes components that are essential for management of the company. In today’s digital […] Read more

IT Vision
The Death of Call Center Metrics
Digital Business
Innovating IT in 2016

Recently, a list of the top 10 strategic technology trends of 2016 was released as a result of the Gartner Symposium, the world’s most significant gathering of CIO’s and senior IT executives. These trends could have a significant impact on organizations around the globe. 1. The Device Mesh The Device Mesh incorporates all devices: mobile […] Read more

Outsourcers are not Innovators

The final part to our series explores the value of integrated innovation as applied to truly transformational outsourced service engagements. To dispel the myth of Tier 1 Support is a Commodity, the ability for managed service providers to engage end users through multi-channel support methods –including person-to-person interaction- as well as analyzing and solving their […] Read more